140NOE77101 Configuration and Setup

You can check out our previous blog post on the 140NOE77101 manual and datasheet here for more information. All of our Schneider Electric/Modicon products are available on our website.

The 140NOE77101 firmware configuration provides the following key features:
  • Integrated 10/100BASE-TX, full duplex capable, shielded twisted pair port
  • Integrated 100BASE-FX multimode, full duplex capable, fiber optic port
  • Embedded HTTP server
  • BOOTP client and server
  • SNMP V2 agent
  • Flash file system
  • Modbus I/O scanner (-00 only)
  • Field upradeable software over TCP/IP
  • Modbus/TCP client
  • Modbus/TCP server
  • User Programmable Web Pages (-10 only)
  • Factory Cast Application (-10 only)


140NOE77101 Firmware and IP Address Configuration

As shipped from the factory, the 140NOE77101 configuration does not contain an IP address. This is also true if you have not programmed the unit with an Ethernet configuration extension. In this condition, when the module starts up, it will attempt to obtain an IP address from the network’s BOOTP server. You can use Concept to assign an IP address, default gateway and sub network mask. See Configuring the Ethernet Address Parameters in Chapter 4. You can also assign IP address parameters using the BOOTP Lite software utility.

A BOOTP server is a program which manages the IP addresses assigned to devices on the network. Your system administrator can confirm whether a BOOTP server exists on your network and can help you use the server to maintain the adapter’s IP address.

On startup, an unconfigured 140NOE77101 module will attempt to obtain an IP address by issuing BOOTP requests. When a response from a BOOTP server is obtained, that IP address will be used. If there is no BOOTP response received in two minutes, the module will use the default IP Address. Consult your system administrator to obtain a valid IP address and appropriate gateway and subnet mask, if required.

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140NOE77101 Module
140NOE77101 Module

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