Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
EZMR332225AutomationMETER BRANCH RINGLESS EZMR 225A 3Pcall for stock
HMIYADCFAST61Modicon MagelisSlide-In Compact Adaptor For Cfast For Panel Pc 12call for stock
HMIZLYGO3Modicon MagelisLabel Insert For Magelis Gto 7-Inch Wide Modelscall for stock
FA26040ABAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 40Acall for stock
HMIZG62Modicon Magelis5.7-Inch Screen Protection Sheet Magelis Hmigtocall for stock
FA26025BCAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 25Acall for stock
HMIZECOV5Modicon Magelis10.4-Inch Environment Cover Magelis Hmigtocall for stock
FA26020ABAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 20Acall for stock
HMIYPMKT11Modicon Magelis

Maintenance Kit For Panel Pc

call for stock
FA24100ABAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480V 100Acall for stock
HMIYCFS0411Modicon MagelisCompact Flash 4Gb For Box, Panel 15 And 19call for stock
FA24070BCAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480V 70Acall for stock
FA24050ACAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480V 50Acall for stock
HMIPUC9D0E01Modicon Magelis

Panel PC Universal - Compact Flash - 19'' - DC ...

call for stock
HMISCU8B5Modicon Magelis5”7 Color Touch Controller Panel - Dig 8 Inputs/ for stock
FA24030BCAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480V 30Acall for stock
HMIRXOHCA3W01Modicon MagelisRack Pc 2U Optimum Hmirxo Hdd, AC, 3 Slotscall for stock
FA24020BCAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480V 20Acall for stock
HMIRSOHPA3W01Modicon MagelisMagelis Rack Pc 2U Optimum Hmirso Hdd, AC, 3 Slotscall for stock
FA22100ACAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 100Acall for stock
HMIPUH7D2P01Modicon MagelisPanel PC Universal - Hard Disk - 15'' - DC - 2 for stock
FA22080ABAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 80Acall for stock
HMIPUF9A2P01Modicon MagelisPanel PC Universal - Flash Disk - 19" - AC - 2 for stock
FA26060BCAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 60Acall for stock