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Warranty Info

  • 140CPU43412A Warranty: 2 Years for new, remanufactured or repair
  • Inquire about exchanging your faulty 140CPU43412A for credit when ordering from MRO Electric

More Info on the 140CPU43412A

140CPU43412A Available Now - Call 800-691-8511. New, Reman, Exchange, or Repair. See Quantum 140-CPU-434-12A PDF below for product info.

Quantum | 140CPU43412A | Modicon | 140 CPU 434 12A | Processor 486K RAM 2MEG 2xMB, 1xMB

The Quantum 140CPU43412A CPU is a single-slot programmablecontroller with built-in executive memory, application memory andcommunication ports. All memory components are on board so noadditional chips or cartridges are necessary.Quantum CPUs use flash memory technology to support the CPU’sexecutive memory and instruction set. Flash is a state-of-the-art,nonvolatile memory technology that enables downloadable fieldupgrades as new features become available.The application program can be stored in either battery-backed RAMand/or Flash RAM. The battery is located on the front of the CPU andcan be serviced while the CPU is running. To protect the applicationprogram from inadvertent changes during operation, the140CPU43412A features a memory-protect switch. An LED goes onwhen this switch is activated.The 140CPU43412A CPU has two Modbus® ports and one ModbusPlus™ port. Simple rotary switches on the back of the CPU are used toset the network address of the Modbus Plus port. Each device on aModbus Plus network must have a unique address in the range 1 … 64.


Manufacturer: Modicon Quantum
Series: Quantum CPUs
Weight: 2 lb
Range of product: Modicon Quantum automation platform
Product or component: Processor
Software name: Concept
ProWORX 32
Processor name: 80486
Mathematical coprocessor: With
Clock frequency: 66 MHz
Memory description: Internal RAM 896 kB
Exact time for 1 Kinstruction: 0.1...0.5 ms LL984
Watchdog timer: 250 ms
Clock drift: +/-8 s/day at 0...60 °C
I/O words: 64 I/64 O remote
64 I/64 O max local
30 I/32 O distributed
I/O words/network: 500 I/500 O distributed
Drops/Network: 63 distributed
Number of drops: 31 remote
Number of network: 3 distributed
2 remote
Battery type: Lithium 7 µA 210 µA
Battery capacity: 1.2 AH
Battery life: 10 yr
Number of port: 2 Modbus RS232
1 Modbus Plus
Communication module processor: 6 NOM, NOE, CR, NMS
Switch function: Key switch
Marking: CE
Bus current requirement: 1250 mA
Module format: Standard
Product weight: 0.85 kg
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