Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

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HMIGTO5310Modicon Magelis

Advanced Touchscreen Panel 640 X 480 Pixels Vga...

6 in stock

Variable speed drive ATV312 - 4kW - 9.2kVA - 15...

5 in stock
ABL8REM24050Modicon CommunicationMODICON 24VDC POWER SUPPLY 120W3 in stock
ATV312HU15N4AltivarVariable speed drive ATV312 - 1.5kW - 4.2kVA - 61W...2 in stock
ATV312HU55N4AltivarVariable speed drive ATV312 - 5.5kW - 15kVA - 232W...1 in stock
ATV12HU15M2AltivarVariable speed drive ATV12 - 1.5kW - 2hp - 200..24...1 in stock
LC1D18BDAutomationSCHNEIDER CONTACTOR 18AMP 3POLE 24VDC COIL 7.5W 10...1 in stock
ABL8REM24030Modicon Communication


1 in stock
ATV320D11N4BAltivarATV320 Variable Speed Drive 11 kW 380 to 500 Volt for stock
ATS22D47QAltistartSchneider Electric Altistart 22 ATS22D47Q soft for stock
GV3P65AutomationMANUAL STARTER 600VAC 65 AMP IECcall for stock
GV3P40AutomationMANUAL STARTER 600VAC 40 AMP IECcall for stock
HMISTU855Modicon MagelisTouch Panel Screen 5’’7 Colorcall for stock
TSXCUSB485Modicon Micro

Connection Cord Set For Pc Terminal - For Atriu...

call for stock
ATS01N222QNAltistartSchneider Electric Altistart 01 Soft Start/Soft for stock
ATS01N232QNAltistartSchneider Electric Altistart 01 Soft Start/Soft for stock
ATV12H037M2AltivarVariable speed drive ATV12 - 0.37kW - 0.55hp - for stock
ATV320U15N4CAltivarATV320 Variable Speed Drive 1.5 kW 380 to 500 for stock

Variable speed drive ATV12 - 0.75kW - 1hp - 200...

call for stock
ATV320U75N4BAltivarATV320 Variable Speed Drive 7.5 kW 380 to 500 for stock

Variable speed drive ATV312 - 0.75kW - 2.4kVA -...

call for stock
ATV320U55N4BAltivarATV320 Variable Speed Drive 5.5 kW 380 to 500 for stock
ATV312HU22N4AltivarVariable speed drive ATV312 - 2.2kW - 5.9kVA - for stock
ATV320U22N4CAltivarATV320 Variable Speed Drive 2.2 kW 380 to 500 for stock
METSEPM5110Automation BASIC POWER METER, CL 0.5 SERIAL PORTcall for stock