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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
110-CPU-311-01Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-311-01 CPU MODULE AC POWER SUPPLY AC I/...11 in stock
110-CPU-411-00Modicon 984 Series110-CPU-411-00 CPU W/AC POWER 110-CPU10 in stock
110-CPU-612-03Modicon 984 Series110-CPU-612-03 MICRO CPU DC PS ANIO DCI/O 24V 110-...6 in stock
110-CPU-512-03Modicon 984 Series110-CPU-512-03 CPU MODULE 16 IN 24VDC/12 OUT 24VDC...5 in stock
110-CPU-512-02Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-512-02 CPU MODULE AC POWER SUPPLY 16 I/...5 in stock
110-CPU-512-01Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-512-01 CPU MODULE AC POWER SUPPLY AC I-...4 in stock
110-CPU-311-02Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-311-02 CPU W/AC POWERSUPPLY 110-CPU</p>4 in stock
110-CPU-311-03Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-311-03 CPU 24VDCPS 16-24VDC IN SNK/SRC ...3 in stock
110-CPU-411-03Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-411-03 CONTROLLER 24VDC PWR SPPLY AC I/...3 in stock
110-CPU-512-00Modicon 984 Series110-CPU-512-00 PLC MICRO CPU DC POWER DC INPUT REL...2 in stock
110-CPU-411-02Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-411-02 CPU AC POWER SUPPLY AC I/O 230V ...2 in stock
110-CPU-411-01Modicon 984 Series<p>110-CPU-411-01 CPU MODULE AC PS AC I/O 115V MIC...2 in stock
110-CPU-612-00Modicon 984 Series110-CPU-612-00 PLC DC POWER SUPPLY ANALOG I/O DC 1...1 in stock
10S1FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 10KVA 240X480V-120/240Vcall for stock
10S1FISAutomationTRANSFOMER DRY 1PH 10KVA 240X480V-120/240Vcall for stock
10S3FAutomationTRANSFOMER DRY 1PH 10KVA 240X480V-120/240Vcall for stock
1098880002AutomationXSAV12801 MOTION 31160-553-51call for stock
110-CPU-311-00Modicon 984 Series110-CPU-311-00 CPU W/AC POWER SUPPLY DC IN MICRO for stock
10SQ58478AutomationTRNASFORMER 10KVA 1PH 480V-120Vcall for stock
10S8FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 1PH 10KVA 277V-120/240Vcall for stock
10S6FISAutomationXFMR DRY 1PH 10KVA 120X240V-120/240Vcall for stock
10S6FAutomationTRANSFOMER DRY 1PH 10KVA 120X240V-120/240Vcall for stock
10S40FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 1PH 10KVA 480V-120/240Vcall for stock
10S3FISAutomationTRANSFOMER DRY 1PH 10KVA 240X480V-120/240Vcall for stock
1098880001AutomationXSAV11801 MOTION 31160-553-50call for stock