MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Control Techniques parts for UNI, 1220, SM, UD, SP, SE, 2400, 2415, 2450, F3N, MP, CTD, CTIU, and UDB. Lines of product include Unidrives, Focus DC Drives, Commander SE, and Unidrive SPs.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
UNI1405Unidrive10AMP 5HP 460VAC 4KW13 in stock
UD70UnidriveLarge Option Module Application Module and Softwar...13 in stock
SP1404Unidrive SP400V AC Panel Mount Drive11 in stock
SP2402Unidrive SP400V AC Panel Mount Drive10 in stock
SP1401Unidrive SP400V AC Panel Mount10 in stock

UD50 Unidrive Small Option Module Additional (E...

10 in stock
SP1406Unidrive SP400V AC Panel Mount Drive8 in stock
UD73UnidriveProfibus-DP Large Option Module6 in stock
SE73Commander SE Profibus-DP interface card4 in stock
SP1403Unidrive SP400V AC Panel Mount Drive4 in stock
SP1405Unidrive SP400V AC Panel Mount Drive3 in stock
SP2403Unidrive SP400V AC Panel Mount Drive2 in stock
SP2201Unidrive SPControl Techniques 200V AC Panel Mount Drive SP220...2 in stock
SE55Commander SE Quickey / Cloning Module1 in stock
2400-8000Focus DC3-5 HP w/ 230 AC Input V, 40 AC Input Max Amps, 18...1 in stock
SP1201Unidrive SP200V AC Panel Mount Drive SP12011 in stock
SP2202Unidrive SP

Control Techniques 200V AC Panel Mount Drive SP...

call for stock
SM-ResolverUnidrive SM-Resolver Unidrive Feedback Solutions Modulecall for stock

SM-Keypad Unidrive Keypad Solutions Module LED ...

call for stock
SM-EthernetUnidriveSM-EthernetFieldbus Solutions Module Comm Adapter for stock
SM-Applications PlusUnidriveSolutions Module CTNet 2nd processor - enhancedcall for stock
SM-ApplicationsUnidrive SM-Applications Unidrive Automation Solutions for stock
SP1202Unidrive SP 200V AC Panel Mount Drive SP1202call for stock
Encoder InterfaceUnidrive Encoder Interface Feedback Solutions Module for stock
SM-Universal Encoder PlusUnidrive Feedback Solutions Module Inputs / Outputs for stock