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MRO Electric and Supply
1652 Old Apex Road Cary, NC 27513
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Schneider Automation Modicon PLC's & CPU's

Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum 140 Series, 984 Series, and Telemecanique Premium TSX Series PLCs, CPUs, along with Modicon Programming Software


Siemens Simodrives 6SN Series drives and Output relays, Control Cards, Power Supplies, PC Boards, I/O Modules along with Siemens CNC Motors and all related parts and accessories.


FANUC is the world's number one manufacturer of CNC systems with over 2.4 million sold worldwide. MRO specializes in obsolete units, and we are capable of supplying new, remanufactured or repair for most units.

Unidrives Control Techniques & Emerson SP

Launched in the mid 90's the Unidrive Classic AC Drives - the world's first universal AC motor drive. Obsolete and no longer in production they are still are very important for industrial automation.

Modicon Quantum in Stock

140CPU113, 140CPU213, 140CPU311, 140CPU422, 140CPU42402, 140CPU43412A, 140CPU534, 140CPU535, 140CPU651, 140CPU671

Schneider Automation Quantum CPUs, power supplies, analog & discrete I/O modules along with all related parts and accessories are available at MRO.

Modicon TSX Premium

Telemecanique Premium analog & discrete I/O modules, CPUs, power supplies along with all accessories and related parts are available at MRO.

Modicon TSX Compact

AEG Telemecanique power supplies, CPUs, analog & discrete I/O modules, along with all accessories and related parts supplied by MRO.

Modicon / Schneider Automation

TSX Micro

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