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With its roots in Germany, KUKA is a robotics and automation manufacturer. With 25 subsidiaries located across the world, servicing your devices may or may not be a challenge. At MRO Electric and Supply we can help you find new and refurbished models for KUKA teach pendants, as well as restore damaged equipment. Contact us right now for immediate help.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
00-100-014RoboticsSERVO CONTROL 6AXIS PM6-600call for stock
00-103-606RoboticsKuka KPS600/20 Servo Drive (E93CE143I4B531)call for stock
00-104-561RoboticsProfibus DP card (c79039-a8000-c77-03) (c79458-l80...call for stock
00-104-454RoboticsCABLE NET MALE/FAMEL 5PINcall for stock
00-104-420RoboticsMOTHERBOARD 4SLOT W/INTELcall for stock
00-104-288RoboticsINTERFACE BOARD A3 2.0MPAcall for stock
00-104-284RoboticsMOTOR CABLE 7Mcall for stock
00-104-265RoboticsCOMPUTER 64MBcall for stock
00-104-196RoboticsPC BOARD LPDN DEVICENET SCANNER CARDcall for stock
00-104-168RoboticsPB RELAY BOARDcall for stock
00-103-806RoboticsCIRCUIT CARDcall for stock
00-103-782RoboticsKUKA Servo Motor Drive Shaftcall for stock
00-103-498RoboticsPM2-600/25/16 POWER SUPPLYcall for stock
00-100-323RoboticsSERVO CONTROL 6AXIS PM6-600call for stock
00-103-494RoboticsSERVO CONTROL 6AXIScall for stock
00-103-492RoboticsSERVO CONTROL 6AXIS PM6-600call for stock
00-103-118RoboticsLenze Servo Drive (EVS9328-KHV531)call for stock
00-103-117RoboticsLenze Servo Drive (EVS9326-KHV531)call for stock
00-103-033RoboticsKUKA Power Supply SL30.300 24VDCcall for stock
00-102-698RoboticsVENTILATOR 230MA 24VDC 5WATTcall for stock
00-101-699RoboticsKUKA Motherboardcall for stock
00-101-055RoboticsSECURITY CARD BOARDcall for stock
00-100-796RoboticsKRC1 RIO BUS Interface Boardcall for stock
00-100-596RoboticsBrushless AC Servo Motor (1FK6081-6AF71-1ZZ9 ZS47)call for stock
00-104-692RoboticsAC Servo Motor (1FK6100-8AZ91-1ZZ9-Z S41)call for stock