6SN1118-0NH01-0AA1 Simodrive Control Card – Product Info

The 6SN1118-0NH01-0AA1 Simodrive Control Card is part of the Simodrive 611 series. This control card is a universal HR 2-axis control loop. It works with a loop block incremental encoder sin/cos. This control card can be expandable by using option modules. For more info you can check out all of our Siemens products on our website.

The 6SN1118-0NH01-0AA1 is also used with an absolute value encoder, using endat speed/torque setpoint. It can be used with various spindle drives from the Simodrive 611 series. To place an order or get support you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511.


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