6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 Simodrive Infeed Module – Product Info

The 1p 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 Simodrive Infeed Module is part of the Simodrive 611 series. This is an infeed and regenerative feedback module that runs with 36/47 KW. It uses a closed-loop control unit with internal cooling. It also has a mains contactor with break contact. For more info you can check out all of our Siemens products on our website.

The 1p 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 Siemens power supply unit runs with a series of dipswitches on the top of the unit that need to set correctly before powering up. These switches are set based off the incoming power and the type of current that is being run. For more info, you can visit the product page for the Siemens 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1. A product picture of the is also below. To get a price quote or for technical support you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511.


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