Simodrive E/R Troubleshooting for 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1


We often have people who are having issues with their current drive setup but can’t confirm that a specific drive in their system is the issue. They are all but sure, but understandably want to confirm the problem before buying a replacement from us, so we have a set of troubleshooting procedures issued from Siemens that we can send out so that people can confirm that they have a problem. Last week a customer was replacing a Siemens 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 module and wanted to troubleshoot their I/R module, so we’ve listed the troubleshooting procedures in the table below to help with  Simodrive E/R Troubleshooting.

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I/R Faults Possible Cause
Module Dead (No LED’s or Aux. Voltages) Check that the incoming line voltage at terminals U1,V1,W1 are 3-Phase  or  400 V +/- 10%.  For the 80 and 120 KW, Check that line voltage across L1 and L2 is 1-Phase 400V +/- 10%.  L1 must be in phase with U1 and L2 must be in phase with V1.  Check that terminal block X181 is plugged in and the jumpers between 1U1, 2U1, etc. are connected correctly.
If problem found: Repair and re check
If input voltage and X181 are OK: Replace I/R Module
Unit Enable LED not Lit See Module Dead. Check that terminal block X171 is installed and that jumpers between NS1 and NS2 are intalled. Check that terminal 48 is +24V with reference to terminal 19.
15 V, 5V fault LED Power down and wait for DC Bus to drain to a safe level.  Disconnect Ribbon LED cable(X151) and terminal blocks X121, X141, X161, X171. Power up.
If Fault is gone: There is a short in the interface. Plug in one terminal block at a time to determine where the short is.  If in the interface, trace & repair.  If in the ribbon cable circuit, plug the ribbon cable into one module at a time to find which module is dragging down the voltage. When that module is  found, pull the controller PCB out of the backplane, if problem is gone, power section is bad, if problem still exists, controller PCB is bad. Caution! Power down before plugging or unplugging the ribbon cable or controller PCB’s.
If Fault is still present: Replace I/R Module.
Supply Fault LED Determine if the fault appears on power up or enable
If on power up: One phjase missing from terminals U1, V1, W1, X181, or bad power connection. Check power connections and line voltage level (see dead module).
If problem found: Repair and re-check
If input voltage and X181 are OK: Replace I/R Module
If on enable (48 and 63): Bad power connection, short in DC Bus, line voltage too low, line matching transformer KVA too low or impedance too high. Power down and wait for DC Bus to drain to a safe level. Disconnect bus bars from P600 and M600 and re-check.
If problem found: Repair and re-check
If OK with DC Bus Bars open: There is a short in the DC Bus of one of the modules.
If all OK: Replace I/R module
DC Bus Overvolts LED Determine if the fault appears on power up or motor deceleration
If on power up: Line volts too high. (360 to 440 VAC)
If on motor decel: Check setting of Dip Switch bit 3, line regeneration mode. For line regeneration, bit 3 = off. If line voltage is above 424 VAC, set Dip Switch Bit 1 (on = DC Bus 625 VDC). Re-check.
If problem still exists: Replace I/R module.
Ext. Enable LED Lit Check terminals 63, 64, 48 with reference to terminal 19. If all are not +24 Volts, check ground connection to terminal 19, and/or interface.
If all OK but fault still exists: Check tightness of screw terminals.
If all ok but fault still exists: Replace I/R Module.
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  1. Dear sir,

    we have 840D cnc m/c in our plant Modern Insulators Ltd( a unit of Modern Group), Abu Road, we are facing one in our m/c that X,Y,Z,Q axis are not working properly, coming stand still monitoring and some time Z1 counter monitoring and m/c has stop. we replaced its LT module with its control card,encoder cable with power cable,E/R module ,reset NC and PLC program and also DO module but no improvement is there, kindly suggest me know what can do to resolve the problem.

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    we have dekel maho DMC 63V machine. we are daily facing for E/R modul not operative alarm . how to solve this problem ……..

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