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Schneider Electric TSXP572623M

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MANUFACTURER: Schneider Electric 

DESCRIPTION: Double-Format PL7 Processor - Transparent Ready - 1110 Ma 5 V DC

PRODUCT TYPE INFO: Modicon Premium

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Part NumberTSXP572623M
ManufacturerSchneider Electric
Model #TSX-P57-2623M
Warranty2 Year
Module formatDouble
Product or component typeDouble-format PL7 processor
Number of racks8 12 slots
16 4/6/8 slots
Discrete I/O processor capacity1024 I/O
Analogue I/O processor capacity80 I/O
Number of application specific channel≤ 24
Number of process control channel≤ 10 up to 30 simple loops
Integrated connection typeEthernet TCP/IP RJ45 10/100 Mbit/s
Serial link 2 female mini DIN 19.2 kbit/s
Communication module processor1 CANopen bus module
1 fieldbus module (none if CANopen used)
4 AS-Interface bus modules
Memory descriptionPCMCIA card 160 Kwords program
PCMCIA card 2688 Kwords additional data storage
Internal RAM (with PCMCIA card) 48 Kwords data
Internal RAM (without PCMCIA card) 48 Kwords program and data
Software designationPL7 Junior/Pro
Protective treatmentTC
ConceptTransparent Ready
Number of slots≤ 128
Maximum size of object areas30.5 %MWi internal words located internal data
32 %KWi constant words located internal data
8132 %Mi located internal bits
Application structure1 fast task
1 master task
64 event tasks
Execution time per instruction0.19 µs Boolean without PCMCIA card
0.21 µs Boolean with PCMCIA card
0.25 µs word or fixed-point arithmetic without PCMCIA card
0.42 µs word or fixed-point arithmetic with PCMCIA card
2.6 µs floating points without PCMCIA card
2.6 µs floating points with PCMCIA card
Number of instructions per ms2.5 Kinst/ms 65 % Boolean + 35 % fixed arithmetic with PCMCIA card
3.57 Kinst/ms 65 % Boolean + 35 % fixed arithmetic without PCMCIA card
3.7 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean with PCMCIA card
4.76 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean without PCMCIA card
System overhead0.35 ms fast task
1 ms master task
Local signalling1 LED green processor running (RUN)
1 LED red processor or system fault (ERR)
1 LED red I/O module or configuration fault (I/O)
1 LED yellow activity on the terminal port (TER)
1 LED green Ethernet TCP/IP port ready (RUN)
1 LED red Ethernet TCP/IP port fault (ERR)
1 LED red collision detection (COL)
1 LED yellow Ethernet link diagnostics (STS)
1 LED yellow transmission activity (TX)
1 LED yellow reception activity (RX)
Current consumption1110 mA 5 V DC

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Schneider Electric TSXP572623M Overview

The Schneider Electric TSXP572623M is a double-format PL7 processor, which is designed to operate with the Modicon PLCs. It is equipped with a variety of features and specifications, making it a reliable and efficient component for various applications. These products are manufactured in France and are designed for Material handling, packaging, and textile machines usage. They come with a 2-year warranty from MRO Electric. We also carry CPUs from other manufacturers such as Modicon and ABB.


The TSXP572623M is a double-format PL7 processor, which means it has two separate racks, each of which can hold up to 8 12-slot or 16 4/6/8-slot I/O processors. It has a discrete I/O processor capacity of 1024 I/O and an analog I/O processor capacity of 80 I/O. Additionally, it can have up to 24 application-specific channels and up to 10 to 30 simple loops of process control channels.


The TSXP572623M has a built-in Ethernet TCP/IP RJ45 connection for seamless communication, along with a serial link with 2 female mini DIN 19.2 kbit/s. It also features a communication module processor with one CANopen bus module, one fieldbus module (none if CANopen is used), and four AS-Interface bus modules. The device's memory is described as a PCMCIA card with a 160 Kwords program and 2688 Kwords additional data storage. The internal RAM with a PCMCIA card has 48 Kwords of data storage, and without it, 48 Kwords of program and data storage.


The TSXP572623M is compatible with the PL7 Junior/Pro software and is designed to protect against environmental factors with its TC protective treatment. It is also Transparent Ready, which means it can be easily integrated with other systems. The device's slots can support up to 128 object areas, with 30.5 %MWi internal words located in internal data, 32 %KWi constant words located in internal data, and 8132 %Mi located internal bits.


Regarding its performance, the TSXP572623M has an execution time per instruction of 0.19 µs Boolean without PCMCIA card, 0.21 µs Boolean with PCMCIA card, 0.25 µs word or fixed-point arithmetic without PCMCIA card, 0.42 µs word or fixed-point arithmetic with PCMCIA card, 2.6 µs floating points without PCMCIA card, and 2.6 µs floating points with PCMCIA card. The device can execute 2.5 Kinst/ms 65 % Boolean + 35 % fixed arithmetic with a PCMCIA card, 3.57 Kinst/ms 65 % Boolean + 35 % fixed arithmetic without a PCMCIA card, 3.7 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean with a PCMCIA card, and 4.76 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean without PCMCIA card. The system overhead is 0.35 ms fast task and 1 ms master task.


The TSXP572623M has several LED indicators to provide local signalings, such as a green LED for processor running (RUN), a red LED for processor or system fault (ERR), and a yellow LED for activity on the terminal port (TER), and more. The device consumes a current of 1110 mA 5 V DC.

In conclusion, the Schneider Electric TSXP572623M is a highly efficient and reliable double-format PL7 processor with a variety of features and specifications. It is equipped with an Ethernet TCP/IP RJ45 connection and several LED indicators, making it easy to use and monitor. The device's execution time per instruction is fast, and its memory is sufficient for most applications.

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