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Control Techniques UD73

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Part NumberUD73
ManufacturerControl Techniques
TypeOption Modules
Warranty2 Year
Profibus-DP ID Code 3345 Code 3345
Data Rate1.5 Mbits per second
Galvanic IsolationYes
Connector9 way D-type connector
Max Nodes to Netwrok32 nodes
Max line length (1.5 bits per s)200 m
Max repeaters ( between 2 stations) 3 repeaters
Screen Connection D-type shell
Pin connection Data3 Data
Pin connection /Data8/Data
Pin connection 0V Data5 0V Data
Pin connection remote power6 (+5V for line termination)

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Control Techniques UD73 Overview

Unidrive Profibus-DP Option Module by Control Techniques

Profibus-DP ID Code 3345

The Part UD73 is a Profibus-DP Option Module designed specifically for the Unidrive system by Control Techniques. As a key component of the Type Option Modules series, the UD73 stands out for its seamless integration with the Unidrive framework.

Technical Specifications

  • Data Rate: The Profibus-DP module supports a rapid data rate of 1.5 Mbits per second, ensuring efficient communication and data transfer.
  • Signaling: The RS485 signaling method is utilized, a widely recognized and dependable method for serial data transmission.
  • Galvanic Isolation: Yes. This feature ensures electrical isolation, reducing the risk of voltage spikes or ground loops potentially causing damage or interference.
  • Connector: The UD73 is equipped with a 9-way D-type connector, standard for many Profibus communications interfaces.
  • Network Configuration: The module can support up to 32 nodes in a network, making it suitable for medium to large installations.
  • Line Length: At the top data rate of 1.5 Mbits/s, the maximum line length is 200 meters, accommodating substantial physical distances between network nodes.
  • Repeaters: It can support up to 3 repeaters between two stations. This allows for further extension of the network or for overcoming signal degradation issues.
  • Screen Connection: Connection via the D-type shell.
  • Pin Connections:
  • Data: Pin 3
  • /Data: Pin 8
  • 0V Data: Pin 5
  • Remote Power: Pin 6 (Supplies +5V for line termination)

For setting or reading parameters on the Unidrive, parameters are labeled as “#MM.PP”. Here, MM stands for the menu number and PP signifies the parameter number within that particular menu. The Unidrive Advanced User Guide provides comprehensive details on each parameter.

1.1 Profibus-DP Interface for Unidrive

The integration of the Profibus-DP interface with the Unidrive is realized through an option module, where the UD70 acts as the host. Notably, adding the Profibus-DP interface does not hamper the functionalities of the UD70. The highest supported data transfer speed peaks at 1.5 Mbits/sec. Furthermore, all power requirements for this interface are provided by the Unidrive. A backup +24V power source isn't available.

1.2 Product Conformance Certification

The Profibus-DP interface, equipped with firmware V2.05.00, a system file V2.08.00, and a V5.0 GSD file, underwent thorough conformance testing by the PROFIBUS organization. The tests were fruitful, and the module received the Profibus Conformance Certification under Certificate No. Z00600.

Note: Unidrive Profibus-DP interfaces with firmware V2.04.00 or preceding versions lack the Product Conformance Certification.

1.3 Overview Specification

  • Automated configuration for data format and consistency during the initialization of the Profibus-DP network.
  • Supported data transfer rates include 1.5M, 500k, 187.5k, 93.75k, 19.2k, and 9.6k bits/sec.
  • Three 16-bit input/output words are available, which can be seamlessly mapped to or from the Unidrive parameters.
  • A non-cyclic data channel is presented in the CT Single Word Format.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What is the Unidrive Profibus-DP Option Module used for?

A1: The Unidrive Profibus-DP Option Module is designed to provide an interface for the Unidrive system to connect with a Profibus-DP network, allowing seamless communication and data transfer between devices.

Q2: How many nodes can the UD73 module support in a network?

A2: The UD73 module can support up to 32 nodes in a Profibus-DP network.

Q3: What is the significance of Galvanic Isolation in the module?

A3: Galvanic Isolation ensures that the module is electrically isolated from the rest of the system. This reduces the risk of voltage spikes or ground loops that might cause damage or interfere with the operation.

Q4: Can I use a backup power supply for the Unidrive Profibus-DP interface?

A4: No, the Unidrive supplies all power requirements for the Unidrive Profibus-DP interface, and there's no provision for a backup +24V power supply.

Q5: Are older versions of the Unidrive Profibus-DP interface compliant with the Product Conformance Certification?

A5: No, interfaces with firmware V2.04.00 or earlier versions do not have the Product Conformance Certification.

Q6: What is the maximum distance I can have between devices connected to the UD73 module?

A6: At a data rate of 1.5 Mbits/s, the maximum supported line length is 200 meters.

Q7: How many repeaters can be used between two stations in the network?

A7: The module can support up to 3 repeaters between two stations, allowing for an extended range or signal boost if needed.

Q8: How do I interpret the "#MM.PP" parameter notation?

A8: In this notation, MM refers to the menu number, and PP refers to the parameter number within that menu. You can refer to the Unidrive Advanced User Guide for detailed parameter definitions.

Q9: What is the fastest data rate supported by the module?

A9: The Unidrive Profibus-DP Option Module supports a maximum data rate of 1.5 Mbits/sec.

Q10: How do I ensure that I have a product with the latest conformance certification?

A10: Make sure to check for the firmware version. The interface equipped with firmware V2.05.00, system file V2.08.00, and a V5.0 GSD file has received the Profibus Conformance Certification.

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