The Siemens Simovert Masterdrives offer a solution for motion and vector controls while providing low engineering costs, high reliability, flexibility, and performance. To extend the life of your Siemens Masterdrives, regular preventative maintenance is recommended. The Simovert Masterdrive series features include communication options, a wide power range, and industry leading safety.


Part NumberDescriptionInventory
6SE6440-2UD33-7EA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 37 kW / 75 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD34-5FA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 45 kW / 90 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD35-5FA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 55 kW / 110 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD37-5FA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 75 kW / 145 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD38-8FA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 90 kW / 178 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD41-1FA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 110 kW / 205 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD41-3GA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 132 kW / 250 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD41-6GA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 160 kW / 302 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UD42-0GA1Siemens Micromaster DRIVE MM440 200 kW / 370 Amp ( for stock
6SE6440-2UE21-5CA1 Micromaster Frequenzumricht 500 to 600 Volt 1.5 for stock
6SE6440-2UE22-2CA1Micromaster 440 575 Volt 2.2 Kilowatts VFD-Drivecall for stock
6SE6440-2UE24-0CA1440 Without Filter 3AC 200 to 240 Volt 47 to 63 He...1 in stock
6SE6440-2UE27-5CA1Micromaster 440 Without Filter 3AC 500 to 600 for stock
6SE6440-2UE33-7EA1MICROMASTER 440 WITHOUT FILTER 3AC 500-600 V +10/ for stock
6SE7011-5EP50Simovert MasterDrives Compact Plus Converter 0.55 for stock
6SE7012-0TP50Simovert Control Compact Plus Inverter 0.75 for stock
6SE7012-0TP50-ZSimovert MasterDrives Motion Control AC/DC Drivecall for stock


call for stock
6SE7012-0TP70Simovert MasterDrives Motion Control Cplus P2 for stock
6SE7013-0EP50Simovert MasterDrives Motion Control Compacy Plus for stock
6SE7013-0EP50-ZSimovert MasterDrives Compact Plus Converter 1.1 for stock
6SE7014-0TP50Simovert Motion Control Compact Plus Inverter 510 for stock
6SE7014-0TP50-ZSimovert MasterDrives 4 Amp 460 Volt AC 1.5 for stock
6SE7015-0EP50 Motion Control Compact Plus Converter 380 to 480 ...1 in stock
6SE7015-0EP50-ZSimovert MasterDrives Compact Plus Converter 5.5 for stock

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