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Warranty Info

  • UNI2403 Warranty: 1 Year for new, remanufactured or repair
  • Inquire about exchanging your faulty UNI2403 for credit when ordering from MRO Electric

More Info on the UNI2403

Unidrive UNI2403 AC DRIVE AC UNIDRIVE SIZE2 24.3AMP 380/480VAC 15HP available for purchase or repair. Call or e-mail for pricing.

Expedite your UNI2403 with same day shipping in most cases. For this Size 2 AC UNIDRIVE SIZE2 24.3AMP 380/480VAC 15HP AC drive, MRO Electric can also offer a core exchange for credit or expedited turnaround. All Emerson Control Techniques UNI2403 Unidrives sold by our company are offered with a full warranty whether new, remanufactured, or repaired.


Manufacturer: Control Techniques
Weight: 18 lb
Nominal Rating - kW: 11
Nominal Rating - hp: 15
Max. Continuous Output Current at 40°C ambient (A):
3kHz: 25
4.5kHz: 21.7
6kHz: 18.2
9kHz: 14.2
12kHz: 11.7
Max. Continuous Output Current at 50°C ambient (A):
3kHz: 20
4.5kHz: 17.3
6kHz: 14.7
9kHz: 11.6
12kHz: 9.7
Typical Input Current (A): 21
Max. Continous Output Current (A): 25
Minimum Resistance (Ω): 30
Instantaneous Powe Rating (kW): 20
Operating Modes: Open Loop
Closed Loop vector
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