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Warranty Info

  • HMIGTO5310 Warranty: 2 Years for new, remanufactured or repair
  • Inquire about exchanging your faulty HMIGTO5310 for credit when ordering from MRO Electric

More Info on the HMIGTO5310

Advanced Touchscreen Panel 640 X 480 Pixels Vga- 10.4 Tft - 96 Mb

HMI GTO 5310 Available Now - Call 800-691-8511. New, Reman, Exchange, or Repair. See Modicon Magelis HMI HMIGTO5310 PDF below for product info.

Repair for Schneider Automation Modicon Magelis HMI modules including the HMIGTO5310 is available. MRO is committed to customer satisfaction!


Manufacturer: Modicon Magelis HMI
Series: Advanced Panels
Weight: 3 lb
Range of product: Magelis GTO
Product or component type: Advanced touchscreen panel
Display colour: 65536 colours
Display size: 10.4 inch
Supply: External source
Operating system: Magelis
Battery type: Lithium battery for internal RAM, autonomy: 100 days, charging time = 5 d, battery life = 10 yr
Terminal type: Touchscreen display
Display type: Backlit colour TFT LCD
Display resolution: 640 x 480 pixels VGA
Touch sensitive zone: 1024 x 1024
Touch panel: Resistive film, 1000000 cycles
Backlight lifespan: 50000 hours (white) at 25 °C
Brightness: 16 levels - control by touch panel
16 levels - control by software
Character font: ASCII
[Us] rated supply voltage: 24 V DC
Supply voltage limits: 19.2...28.8 V
Inrush current: <= 30 A
Power consumption in W: <= 17 W
<= 12 W (when power is not supplied to external devices)
<= 7 W (when backlight is OFF)
<= 8 W (when backlight is dimmed)
Local signalling: Status LED (orange) flashing software starting up
Status LED (green) steady offline
Status LED (green) steady operating
Status LED (red) steady power supply (ON)
Status LED (clear) faded power supply (OFF)
COM2 LED (yellow) steady data is being transmitted
COM2 LED (yellow) faded no data transmission
SD card LED (green) steady card is inserted
SD card LED (green) faded card is not inserted or is not being accessed
Software designation: Vijeo Designer configuration software >= V6.1
Memory description: 96 MB flash (EPROM)
Data backed up: 512 kB internal RAM (SRAM)
Data storage equipment: SD card <= 32 GB
SDHC card <= 32 GB
Downloadable protocols: Modbus Plus Schneider Electric Modicon
FIPWAY Schneider Electric Modicon
Modbus TCP Schneider Electric Modicon
Modbus Schneider Electric Modicon
Third party protocols Mitsubishi Melsec
Third party protocols Omron Sysmac
Third party protocols Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley
Third party protocols Siemens Simatic
Uni-TE Schneider Electric Modicon
Integrated connection type: COM1 serial link SUB-D 9, interface: RS232C, transmission rate: 2400...115200 bps
COM2 serial link RJ45, interface: RS485, transmission rate: 2400...115200 bps
COM2 serial link RJ45, interface: RS485, transmission rate: 187.5 kbps compatible with Siemens
Ethernet RJ45, interface: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Ethernet RJ45, interface: IEEE 802.3
USB 2.0 type A
USB 2.0 type mini B
Product mounting: Flush mounting
Fixing mode: By 4 screw clamps
Front material: PPT
Enclosure material: PPT
Type of cooling: Natural convection
Width: 272.5 mm
Height: 214.5 mm
Depth: 57 mm
Product weight: 2 kg
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