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Warranty Info

  • 140DDI35300 Warranty: 2 Years for new, remanufactured or repair
  • Inquire about exchanging your faulty 140DDI35300 for credit when ordering from MRO Electric

More Info on the 140DDI35300

Discrete Input Module Modicon Quantum - 32 I 24 V DC

Quantum | 140DDI35300 | Modicon | 140 DDI 353 00 | DC INPUT 24VDC 4X8 SINK

The Quantum 140DDI35300 Discrete DC Input Module accepts (32) 24VDC inputs. The module is a 4x8 (4 groups, 8 inputs each) Sink input card and is for use with source output devices. A Quantum removable terminal strip allows for easy maintenance. Quantum backplanes (ordered separately) come in 2,3,4,6,10, and 16 slot versions. Any Quantum module can be used in any slot. A Quantum power supply is required in each rack. The power supply provides logic power to all modules on the bus. All Quantum I/O modules are optically isolated from the bus, ensuring safe and trouble-free operation.


Manufacturer: Modicon Quantum
Series: Quantum I/O
Weight: Ask
Product or component type: Low voltage dc discrete input modules
Discrete input number: 32
Group of channels: 4
Logic input: Positive (sink)
Discrete input voltage: 24 V DC
Input voltage limits: 19.2...30 V
Voltage state 1 guaranteed: 15...30 V DC
Voltage state 0 guaranteed: -3...5 V DC
Current state 1 guaranteed: >= 2 mA at Us = 5.5 V and Uin = 0 V
Current state 0 guaranteed: <= 0.5 mA
Addressing requirement: 2 input words
Input impedance: 2500 Ohm
Leakage current: 200 mA at Us = 5.5 V and Uin = 4 V
Absolute maximum input: 56 V during 1.3 ms decaying pulse
30 V continuous
Response time: <= 1 ms from state 1 to state 0
<= 1 ms from state 0 to state 1
Protection type: Input protection by resistor limited
Power dissipation: 1.7 W + (0.36 x number of points on)
Isolation between group and bus: 1780 Vrms for 1 minute
Isolation between group: 500 Vrms for 1 minute
Local signalling: 32 LEDs green input status
1 LED red external fault detected (F)
1 LED green bus communication is present (Active)
Marking: CE
Bus current requirement: 330 mA
Module format: Standard
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