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Schneider Electric 140DDI35310

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Part Number140DDI35310
ManufacturerSchneider Electric
TypeI/O Modules
Model #140-DDI-353-10
Warranty2 Year
Module formatStandard
Product or component typeLow voltage dc discrete input modules
Discrete input number32
Group of channels4
Logic inputNegative (source)
Discrete input voltage24 V DC
Input voltage limits19.2...30 V
Voltage state1 guaranteed-30...-15 V DC
Voltage state 0 guaranteed-5...0 V DC
Current state 1 guaranteed>= 2.5 mA at Us = - 14 V
Current state 0 guaranteed<= 0.5 mA
Addressing requirement2 input words
Input impedance2400 Ohm
Leakage current200 mA at Us = 5.5 V and Uin = 4 V
Absolute maximum input50 V during 1 ms decaying pulse
30 V continuous
Response time<= 1 ms from state 1 to state 0
<= 1 ms from state 0 to state 1
Protection typeInput protection by resistor limited
Power dissipation1.5 W + (0.26 x number of points on)
Isolation between group and bus1780 Vrms for 1 minute
Isolation between group500 Vrms for 1 minute
Local signalling32 LEDs green input status
1 LED red external fault detected (F)
1 LED green bus communication is present (Active)
Bus current requirement330 mA

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Schneider Electric 140DDI35310 Overview

140DDI35310 Discrete Input Module for Modicon Quantum Automation Platform: A Comprehensive Technical Overview

The 140DDI35310 plays a pivotal role in the Modicon Quantum automation platform, offering an extensive range of features tailored for precise low-voltage DC discrete input applications. This module, with its advanced specifications, addresses the intricate needs of industrial automation, providing seamless integration and reliable performance.

Input Characteristics

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the module encompasses 32 discrete inputs organized into 4 channels. Operating at a logic input set to negative (source) ensures a smooth and efficient workflow. The discrete input voltage spans from 19.2 to 30 V DC, providing flexibility in various operational scenarios. Voltage states 1 and 0 are finely tuned, with guarantees set between -30 to -15 V DC and -5 to 0 V DC, respectively. Current states 1 and 0 are equally precise, with a minimum of 2.5 mA at Us = -14 V for state 1 and a maximum of 0.5 mA for state 0, ensuring accurate and consistent input processing.

Performance and Response

The module excels in real-time input processing, boasting an impressive response time of less than 1 ms for transitions between states 0 and 1. Input protection is achieved through resistor limitation, and power dissipation is calculated at 1.5 W plus 0.26 times the number of points on, ensuring efficient and reliable operation in dynamic industrial environments.

Isolation and Bus Communication

Ensuring robust electrical isolation is crucial for industrial applications, and the 140DDI35310 delivers on this front. With 1780 Vrms isolation between the group and bus for 1 minute and an additional 500 Vrms isolation within the group, the module ensures the integrity of the system. A sophisticated local signaling system enhances diagnostic capabilities, featuring a green LED for bus communication, a red LED for external fault detection, and 32 green LEDs for input status, providing operators with valuable insights into the module's performance.

Environmental Specifications

Adhering to stringent environmental standards, the module has earned certifications from UL 508 and CSA C22.2 No 142, showcasing its commitment to global safety norms. Additionally, the module has received certifications from RINA, GOST, FM Class 1 Division 2, C-tick, and RMRS. Its resistance to electrostatic discharge (4 kV contact, 8 kV on air) and electromagnetic fields (9.14 V/m) further solidifies its reliability. Operating in ambient temperatures ranging from 32 to 140 °F (0 to 60 °C), the module is built to withstand diverse environmental conditions.

Sustainability and Compliance

Beyond its technical prowess, the 140DDI35310 is committed to sustainability and compliance. As a recognized Green Premium product, it aligns with eco-friendly practices. The module is REACh compliant and free of SVHC, meeting the highest standards for environmental responsibility. It also adheres to the EU RoHS Directive, is mercury-free, complies with China RoHS regulations, and provides detailed information on RoHS exemptions. The product's end-of-life disposal adheres to WEEE regulations, underscoring its commitment to responsible waste management and circular economy principles.

FAQ: Schneider Electric 140DDI35310 I/O Modules

What type of product is the Schneider Electric 140DDI35310?

The 140DDI35310 is an I/O (Input/Output) module designed for industrial automation systems.

How many discrete input channels does the 140DDI35310 have, and how are they grouped?

The module features 32 discrete input channels grouped into four sets of 8 channels each, providing flexibility in configuration and usage.

What type of logic input does the 140DDI35310 support?

It supports negative (source) logic input, ensuring compatibility with various industrial control systems.

What is the voltage range for the discrete input signals?

The module operates with a discrete input voltage of 24 V DC, with input voltage limits ranging from 19.2 to 30 V.

What are the guaranteed voltage and current states for the inputs?

The voltage state one is guaranteed between -30 to -15 V DC, while the voltage state 0 is guaranteed between -5 to 0 V DC. The current state one is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 2.5 mA at -14 V, and the current state 0 is guaranteed to be less than or equal to 0.5 mA.

What is the addressing requirement for the 140DDI35310?

It requires two input words for addressing, facilitating straightforward integration into control systems.

How is input protection ensured for the 140DDI35310?

Input protection is provided by resistor limiting, safeguarding the module and connected equipment from voltage spikes and surges.

What is the power dissipation of the 140DDI35310?

The module dissipates 1.5 W, with an additional 0.26 W per input point, ensuring efficient operation and minimal heat generation.

What are the isolation ratings for the module?

The 140DDI35310 provides 1780 Vrms isolation between the group and the bus for 1 minute and 500 Vrms isolation between groups, ensuring electrical safety and preventing signal interference.

What are the local signaling options available on the module?

The module features 32 green LEDs indicating input status, one red LED detecting external faults, and one green LED indicating bus communication presence, enabling easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

What is the bus's current requirement for the 140DDI35310?

The module requires a bus current of 330 mA, ensuring compatibility with various bus configurations while minimizing power consumption.

Schneider Electric products are manufactured in France and are designed for Material handling, packaging, and textile machines usage. They come with a 2-year warranty from MRO Electric. We also carry I/O Modules from other manufacturers such as Modicon and ABB.

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