Option Modules

Option Modules by Control Techniques, Modicon, Yaskawa, and more available to ship today from MRO Electric and Supply.

Part NumberManufacturerSeriesInventory
UD71Control TechniquesUnidrive17 in stock
UD70Control TechniquesUnidrive13 in stock
UD50Control TechniquesUnidrive10 in stock
UD76Control TechniquesUnidrive8 in stock
UD52Control TechniquesUnidrive7 in stock
UD51Control TechniquesUnidrive7 in stock
UD75Control TechniquesUnidrive6 in stock
UD73Control TechniquesUnidrive6 in stock
UD77Control TechniquesUnidrive4 in stock
UD53Control TechniquesUnidrive4 in stock
UD77-COControl TechniquesUnidrive3 in stock
A20B-2900-0350FANUCAutomation3 in stock
A16B-2202-0853FANUCAutomation1 in stock
UD55Control TechniquesUnidrive1 in stock
A16B-3200-0054FANUCAutomation1 in stock
A16B-2200-0170FANUCAutomationcall for stock
A16B-2203-0030FANUCAutomationcall for stock
SP-PROFIBUS-DPControl TechniquesUnidrivecall for stock
SP0-KeypadControl TechniquesUnidrivecall for stock
SM-Universal Encoder PlusControl TechniquesUnidrivecall for stock
SM-SERCOSControl TechniquesUnidrivecall for stock
SM-SLMControl TechniquesUnidrivecall for stock
SM-Applications LiteControl TechniquesUnidrivecall for stock
UD74Control TechniquesUnidrivecall for stock
AOR16GFANUCAutomationcall for stock