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With its roots in Germany, KUKA is a robotics and automation manufacturer. At MRO Electric and Supply, we can help you find new and refurbished models for KUKA teach pendants, KUKA drives, KUKA motors. We can also help with restoring damaged equipment. Call and request a quote today!

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KRC2 SERVO MOTOR 3.6 KW / 560 V / 6.9 A / 4100 /MIN (00-104-698)

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Frequently Asked Questions

KUKA specializes in industrial robotics, offering robot arms, controllers, and related components for various applications.

The smartPAD is a user-friendly interface for controlling KUKA robots, featuring an 8.4" touch screen for complex tasks.

Yes, MRO Electric provides legacy pendants compatible with older KUKA controllers to minimize system upgrades.

The smartPAD uses KRL (KUKA Robotics Language), an intuitive language for creating customized robotic motions, and supports synchronization with up to 6 robots.

Yes, MRO Electric offers prompt repair services for KUKA pendants, usually completing repairs in 3-5 days.

KUKA's industrial robots find applications in CNC machining, surface processing, material handling, and more across diverse industries.

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