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 KUKA robotics offers a broad range of robotics controllers and other robotics parts for a variety of industries including CNC machining, surface processing, loading usage, and much more. One common challenge with operating robotics controllers is understanding what the error codes mean, that they display when they encounter an issue. Listed below are common KUKA error messages that you may encounter while troubleshooting issues with KUKA controllers. These codes are applicable to all KUKA controllers, including the KRC1, KRC2, KRC3, and the KRC4.

Common KUKA KRC1, KRC2, KRC3, and KRC4 Error Codes

Error Code 14 – SOFTPLC: @P1@

Error Code 284 – Accu–voltage at <kps number> below <voltage level> during last buffering

  • Cause
    • The accu voltage was too low at the last switch off to buffer the
    • The accu is not charged correctly anymore.
    • The accu is too old or broken.
  • Effect
    • Eventually loss of reference.
    • Cold boot.
    • Active commands inhibited
  • Remedy
    • Exchange accu.

Error Code 310 – Safety Circuit for drives not ready

  • Cause
    • Safety circuit is telling drives not to move.
    • Faulty X11
    • Faulty ESC board
    • Faulty KPS 600
  • Remedy
    • Check ESC monitor and other messages to narrow down the root cause with the safety circuit
    • Replace faulty components

Error Code 364 – Unknown operation mode

  • Possible Cause
    • Faulty KPS 600 Drive
  • Remedy
    • Replace KPS 600

Error Code 420 – Local protective stop (QE)

    • Possible Cause
      • Faulty KPS600 Drive
    • Remedy
      • Replace KPS600

Error Code 1033 – ERROR ON READING, DRIVER: ** **

Error Code 1034 – ERROR ON WRITING, DRIVER: ** **


  • Cause
    • The calculated gear torque is larger than the maximum permissible gear torque.
  • Monitor
    • Cyclic in interpolation cycle.
  • Effect
    • Motion and program are stopped.
  • Remedy
    • Reteach points.



  • Cause
    • A message which causes the active commands to be inhibited has been set.
  • Monitor
    • In command processing.
  • Effect
    • Command is not executed.
  • Remedy
    • Acknowledge active messages in the message window.



Error Code 6502 – Error during reading INI file init/iosys.ini 1

  • Remedy
    • Check iosys.ini file
    • Ensure correct DeviceNET driver is installed
    • Check data cable between robot / cabinet

Error Code 10053

  • Remedy
    • Check fan to ensure it isn’t vibrating. This could be causing the Mfc card to move into the motherboard’s slot.

To find more info about KUKA error codes, view KUKA’s manual below.

View the KUKA Manual

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Troubleshooting error codes on your KUKA controller?

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  1. getting error codes
    161 servo motor error , and the robot get frozen any explanation and support

  2. Hello,
    we have autostore with 20 robots but some of them alwazs stop because of GRIPPER FAILURE but when we send them back after taking it out and in then it work good but after some time again same issue with same or other robots

  3. hello, i have a problem with the post processor robodk. I have a Kuka KRC1, and I was recommended to use the post processor of krc2, because it’s close. but when I want to charge the program on the robot this one marks me an error message.

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