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Warranty Info

  • 140ACI04000 Warranty: 2 Years for new, remanufactured or repair
  • Inquire about exchanging your faulty 140ACI04000 for credit when ordering from MRO Electric

More Info on the 140ACI04000

Analog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 16 I Multirange

Quantum | 140ACI04000 | Modicon | 140 ACI 040 00 | Analog Input 16CH Current CC

The Modicon Quantum automation platform supports a full range of analog I/O modules designed to interface with a wide variety of fi eld devices. All modules meet internationally accepted IEC electrical standards that ensure reliability in harsh operating environments. For even better protection and extended life in extremely harsh environments, you can have your modules conformally coated. All Quantum I/O modules can be completely con fi gured using Unity Pro, Concept or ProWORX. The ability to specify an I/O address for each module in software makes it easy to add or change modules in your con fi guration without physically changing the application program.


Manufacturer: Modicon Quantum
Series: Analog Modules
Weight: Ask
Type of filter: Single pole low pass - 3 dB at 34 Hz +/- 25 %
Analogue input number: 16
Input type: Differential
Addressing requirement: 17 input words
Analogue input resolution: 0...4095 counts 4...20 mA
0...25000 counts 0...25 mA
0...20000 counts 0...20 mA
0...16000 counts 4...20 mA
Absolute maximum input: 30 mA
Input impedance: 250 Ohm
Absolute accuracy error: +/- 0.125 % of full scale
Linearity error: +/- 6 µA max 4...20 mA
+/- 6 µA max 0...25 mA
+/- 6 µA max 0...20 mA
+/- 12 µA max 4...20 mA
Accuracy drift according to temperature: <= 0.0050 % of full scale /°C
+/- 0.0025 % of full scale/°C
Common mode rejection: > -90 dB 60 Hz
Isolation between channels and bus: 1780 V AC for 60 s
Update time: 15 ms 2 wires/4 wires
Fault type: Broken wire 4...20 mA
Marking: CE
Local signalling: 16 LEDs red channel fault
16 LEDs green channel is turned on
1 LED red external fault
1 LED green bus communication is present (Active)
Bus current requirement: 360 mA
Power dissipation in W: 5 W
Module format: Standard
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