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Micromaster Frequency Inverter for Drive Technology

Siemens Micromaster Frequency Inverter drives are used everywhere in the manufacturing and process industry. Specifically, they are used for outputs ranging from 0.12 kW to 250 kW in the manufacturing industry, and normally in applications ranging from pumps to extruders to winding machine to conveyor systems.

The Micromaster series has a compact design which allows it to work perfectly for cabinet mounting and integration into the design of both stand-alone and series machines. They enable maximum utilization of the available mounting surface, from small outputs to large outputs, with a wide range of supply voltages. This is the reason that the Micromaster drives cover a wide field of applications. The options concept also opens up additional possibilities for customization of each drive. Different communication module allow for use in common network applications, plain text panels simplify operation, and additional base components such as reactors complement the compact solution.

The Micromaster series is made up of three groups that each have unique strengths. The Micromaster 420 drives are universal usage, the Micromaster 430 drives are specialized for pumps and fans, and the Micromaster 440 drives all all around workhorses.

Highlights of the entire MICROMASTER family
Mechanical components
■Compact, standardized drilling template
■Standardized base components
■Screwless control terminals
■Fulfills the requirements of a wide range of standards
■Graded I/O quantity structure
■Various supply voltages
■Different fieldbus interfaces
(PROFIBUS, CAN, DeviceNet, RS485)
■Integrated into Totally Integrated Automation

If you have more questions about ordering you can email or call 1-800-691-8511. You can also visit the Micromaster series page here.