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Schneider Electric 140CPU67160

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MANUFACTURER: Schneider Electric

DESCRIPTION: Unity Hot Standby Processor With Multimode Ethernet - 1024 Kb - 266 Mhz

PRODUCT TYPE INFO: Modicon Quantum


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2 Year warranty

Part Number140CPU67160
ManufacturerSchneider Electric
Model #140-CPU-671-60
Warranty2 Year
Electrical connection1 connector, connector type: RJ45 for connecting Ethernet network
1 connector, connector type: RJ45 for connecting Modbus bus
1 female connector, connector type: SUB-D 9 for connecting to the Modbus Plus network
Product or componentUnity processor
Mode of transmissionMultimode
Clock frequency266 MHz
Number of slots10
Number of racks2 - local rack(s)
Number of distributed I/O station63 station(s) - 1 rack(s) - 3 distributed network(s)
Number of remote I/O station31 - 2 remote rack(s)
Discrete I/O number8000 inputs, 8000 outputs - distributed - per network
31744 inputs, 31744 outputs - remote
Unlimited (26 slots max) - local - forbidden in Hot Standby application
Analogue I/O numberUnlimited (26 slots max) - local - forbidden in Hot Standby application
500 inputs, 500 outputs - distributed - per network
1984 inputs,1984 outputs - remote
Application specific I/OAccurate time stamping
High-speed interrupt inputs
Serial link
Number of optional modules6 (Ethernet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, Sy/Max)
Maximum number of connectionsUnlimited (AS-Interface) - local
6 (Profibus DP) - local
6 (Modbus Plus) - local
6 (Ethernet TCP/IP) - local
4 (AS-Interface) - remote
2 (AS-Interface) - distributed
1 (USB)
1 (Modbus) - RS232/485 Modbus/ASCII
Integrated connection type1 Ethernet TCP/IP
1 Modbus
1 Modbus Plus
ChecksHot standby
Process control
Memory descriptionInternal RAM 1024 kB - 512 kB for data
Expandable 8 MB - file storage with PCMCIA card
Expandable 7168 kB - program with PCMCIA card
Switch functionKey switch memory port on/off
Application structure4 auxiliary tasks - forbidden in Hot Standby application
32 timer interrupt tasks - forbidden in Hot Standby application
128 interrupt tasks - forbidden in Hot Standby application
128 I/O interrupt tasks - forbidden in Hot Standby application
1 periodic fast task - forbidden in Hot Standby application
1 cyclic/periodic master task
Execution time per instruction0.4...0.5 µs floating points
0.0525...0.075 µs Boolean
0.045...0.06 µs on word
0.045...0.06 µs on fixed-point arithmetic
Execution time for 1 K instruction10.28 100 % Boolean
10.07 65 % Boolean and 35 % numerical
System overhead1 ms - master task
0.2 ms - fast task
Bus current requirement2500 mA
Local signalling1 LED red for Ethernet collision
1 LED green for Ethernet activity (COM)

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Schneider Electric 140CPU67160 Overview

The Modicon 140CPU67160 is a Quantum Hot Standy CPU (HSBY) manufactured by Schneider Electric.  This unity hot-standby processor is from the Modicon Quantum automation platform series. It comes equipped with multimode ethernet connectivity. It has a clock frequency of 266 MHz and two local racks. The application-specific I/O includes a counter, accurate time stamping, high-speed interrupt outputs, and a serial link.  These products are manufactured in France and are designed for Material handling, packaging, and textile machines usage. They come with a 2-year warranty from MRO Electric. We also carry CPUs from other manufacturers such as Modicon and ABB.


There are several features on the Modicon 140CPU67160. It has an LCD coved by a lens cover. Found behind the lens cover, are the key switch, the battery, and the reset button.  Standard on this CPU is the LCD with 2 lines and 16 characters. It also features a changeable backlight state and contrast. A keypad is available with five keys mapped to hardware addresses. There are two arrow keys that each include an LED.  A life-saving feature of this module is automated backlight handling. A keypress detection by the keypad driver will automatically turn on the backlight. It will auto turn off after 5 min. If an error is detected the backlight stays on. This unit has a Modbus port and a USB port, and PCMCIA slots. There are Ethernet communication indicators and an Ethernet port for fiber communication for HSBY CPUs). It features a battery and a reset button. 

The Schneider Electric 140CPU67160 is manufactured for mounting on a backplane.


The 140CPU67160 has a variety of connectivity options, including one USB port, two distributed AS interfaces, four remote AS interfaces, six local Modbus Plus connections, six local Profibus DP connections, one Modbus connector, and six local Ethernet TCP/IP connections. It features six optional modules, including Ethernet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus, DP, and Sy/Max. With a range of modules, this processor is highly adaptable and flexible, able to be used to meet your requirements and specifications. 

Another component of this processor is its memory capacity. It has internal RAM of 1024 kB and 512 kB specifically for data. Additionally, the 140CPU67160 has an expandable file storage capacity of 8 MB with a PCMCIA card. It also has an expandable program storage capacity of 7168 kB with a PCMCIA card. When you have several files and programs to store, this processor has you covered and keeps your data and information safe. This processor has a convenient key switch that allows you to easily turn the memory function on and off.

How to use a 140CPU67160

The key switch, an added security feature, carries memory protection. There are two positions for the key switch: locked and unlocked. When it is in the unlocked position, all system menu operations function and variable module parameters can be used or modified by the operator by way of the LCD and keypad. Memory protection is off when the key switch is unlocked. When the key switch is in the locked position, you do not have access to the menu operations, and the module parameters are in read-only mode. Memory protection is on when the key switch is locked. 

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