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5/25/2018 Anonymous Customer
Initial conversations it was clearly stated that the work and repair would be warranted. After sending the controller in for repair it was found that MRO had no way of testing the unit to see if it was fully functional. In short no guarantee was given and the controller was returned working as it was sent out. We paid basically for nothing. Presently looking for another repair facility.
10/30/2017 Ron
We recently sent a spindle motor, ac spindle drive, and power unit to MRO for evaluation and repair if necessary. I was told the spindle drive and power unit was in bad shape, so I authorized the repairs. I really wasn't surprised, or had any reason to doubt it was true. A couple of days later I was told the spindle motor needed a "standard repair", and it was going to cost $3,445. I questioned what a standard repair included. I was told the technician could give me a call and explain.So, I agreed. Well, no call from the tech. Later that day I called and said I still haven't heard from the tech, and our owner had already paid the invoice. I was told the tech said it was in bad shape, and the bearings were seized, but, he would still have the tech call me. I proceeded to tell him that I personally pulled the motor, and the bearings were not seized. Of course, still no call from the tech. So a couple days later I sent my last attempt to get some type of satisfaction, read below! "I still have not heard from your tech. I'm concerned about him telling you the bearings were seized. I personally pulled that motor. I spun the shaft by hand, and it was very smooth and free-wheel spun for about 30 seconds. I want to know I can trust your company. $8600 is a lot of money for us, I just don't want to replace anything that is unnecessary. I hope you understand my concern." So, they told me one more time that the tech would be calling me! Now it's a week later and I receive notification that the repair is finished and the motor is shipping out to me. This is horrible customer service. I have absolutely no confidence that I can trust MRO for future repairs...