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4.9 Overall Satisfaction

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8/4/2020 Kent
Delivery was delayed by a day but it turned out it was an issue with UPS, not MRO. When we contacted MRO they contacted a UPS rep and had everything sorted out. We're running now and appreciate the attention paid to our issue
6/17/2020 Vickie
Thank you for the great customer service! Stay safe and be well
3/10/2020 Anonymous Customer
PLC works perfectly, but I had to get someone to issue the run command for it. It would only start in stop mode.
3/9/2020 Dean
We got exactly what we had ordered in good time
3/6/2020 Anonymous Customer
Very good service and quick to respond back to my emails.
3/5/2020 rickhorrocks
great service thanks
9/5/2019 Nora
thought that everyone that I spoke with was very polite and helpful ..
8/20/2019 Amy
they are wonderful to work with - and I would def buy from them again
7/30/2019 Stull
They had the part, they told me the price, and they delivered a functioning device. All in all, I'm pleased
5/17/2019 Lalo
Pleasant people to speck with. Got the motors out to us as soon as they could. Good purchasing experience . Would recommend to others.
4/26/2019 Ed
The company responded to our needs quickly and professionally.
3/27/2019 D
Hard to find part, quick and prompt delivery, met expectations
2/7/2019 Fash
MRO team are good to work with based on our own level in vendring. I will say leads time should be worked on for future business.
1/9/2019 Mike
MRO provided a quick order ship (after hours) due to our manufacturing needs...with an overnight/Saturday delivery. Parts installed on that day.
11/15/2018 Sullivan
Overall great experience
10/23/2018 Scott
We found the obsoleted drive we needed
10/18/2018 JGR
was very quick with responding to my emails and had no trouble at all with me changing my quote around to fit my order and the parts came very quick. very pleased.
8/17/2018 Alan
This was the best value I could find on a very pricey item.
8/17/2018 Anonymous Customer
No complaints , everything went well as expected.
8/6/2018 Roxanne
We are a distributor and this item was for resale, as far as I know the products received were acceptable or I would have had a complaint. I was satisfied with the quote I received - received in a timely manner.