MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron parts for product lines including V1000, V1000-4X, J1000, L1000A, MV1000, VS Mini, A1000, MagneTek G5 GPD 515, MagneTek G7, Omron P7, MagneTek P5 GPD 503 505 506 and CIMR-F7U drives, AC7 Matrix Converters, Mechatrolink-II Servo Amplifiers, Sigma 2 and 5, and SERVOPACK.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
USAFED-20YR21AutomationMotor Servocall for stock
USAFED-20YR31AutomationMotor Servocall for stock
USAGED-05A22KAutomationYaskawa USAGED-05A22K: SERVO MOTOR 25IN-LB for stock
USAGED-09A22KAutomationYaskawa USAGED-09A22K: SERVO MOTORcall for stock
USAGED-09AS1SAutomationYaskawa USAGED-09AS1S: SERVO MOTORcall for stock
USAGED-20A22KAutomationYaskawa USAGED-20A22K: SERVO MOTOR AC 19AMP 1.8KW for stock
USAPEM-01YR41AutomationSERVO MOTORcall for stock
USAPEM-01YRW11AutomationAC SERVO MOTOR W/OUT BRAKE (132026-1)call for stock
USAPEM-03-YR11AutomationS Axis AC Servo Motorcall for stock
USAPEM-03-YR21AutomationL, U Axis AC Servo Motorcall for stock
USAPEM-03CW2XAutomationSERVO MOTORcall for stock
USAPEM-07VYR11AutomationAC Servo Motorcall for stock
USAPEM-07VYR21AutomationAC Servo Motorcall for stock
USAPEM-07YR11AutomationServo Motor for ERC Series controlcall for stock
USAPEM-07YR21AutomationAC Servo Motorcall for stock
USAPEM-07YRS11AutomationAC Servo Motor (L,U axis) 3.5A 513W 2000RPM ( for stock
USAPEM-07YRS21AutomationMOTOR,AC SERVO,W/O BRK (OBS)S Axis (479209-1)call for stock
USAPEM-07YRW1AutomationServo Motor for MRC Series controlcall for stock
USAPEM-07YRW11AutomationSERVO MOTOR 3.5AMP 513WATT 2000RPM (HW9380862-A)call for stock
USAPEM-07YRW21AutomationA.C. Servo Motor S-Axis W/O Brake 513WATT 3.5AMP for stock
USAPEM-07YRW21NAutomationA.C. Servo Motor S-Axis W/O Brake HW9380861-Acall for stock
USAREM-01DE2KAutomationYaskawa USAREM-01DE2K: SERVO MOTORcall for stock
USAREM-01YR41AutomationServo Motor for ERC Series controlcall for stock
USAREM-01YRS11AutomationAC Servo motor (R B T axis)without break Old part for stock
USAREM-01YRW11AutomationMrc Servo Motor W/Out Breakcall for stock

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