Most Popular Movie Robot in Every U.S. State

The Most Popular Movie Robot in Every U.S. State

From dystopian stories of service companion androids trying to annihilate the human race, to friendly misunderstood cyborgs, robot movies allow us to catch a glimpse of an unknown universe. What does it mean to be human? Are we replaceable?

Each film takes you on a deep dive into the best and worst parts of technology. But with the exciting journey of each robot film, which bot is most popular?


For this study, we analyzed Google Trends search volumes over the past 12 months for “The Greatest Movie Robots of All Time” in  January 2022. At MRO Electric, our goal was to determine which androids, cyborgs, AI, and bots are America’s favorite.

The Most Popular Movie Robot in the U.S.

Are your batteries charged? Because our results are calculated! Most states were split with their decision, with varying results. However, 6 states each agree R2-D2 and The Sentinels earned the number 1 spot for most beloved bot character. 5 states chose the Tin Man, making it second place, while Robby the Robot was picked by 3. Roy Batty, The Iron Giant, the Autobots, Mechagodzilla, and WALL-E tied for fourth.

The Most Popular Movie Robot Overall

Star Wars is filled with memorable iconic characters, but Second Generation Robotic Droid Series-2, also known as R2-D2, is the most lovable bot in the U.S. According to our research, 6 states think R2-D2 is a force to reckon with: Alabama, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. There’s just something captivating about his playful whistles, beeps, round eyes, and cylindrical body. 

Tied with R2-D2 are The Sentinels, also referred to as a “squiddy” by the Human Resistance in The Matrix. Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina have the patrolling killing machines stuck on their minds. The terrifying patrollers of the sewers and caverns beneath the planet’s destroyed surface. Unlike R2-D2’s sweet demeanor, these giant squid-like bots tend to intimidatingly fly in swarms like insects and are set on eradicating humankind on behalf of the Machines. 

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” The Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man, despite being without a heart, has captured the hearts of D.C., Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, and Tennessee. Not only did this sensitive bot meet Dorthy second on her journey following the yellow brick road, but also earned second place. Somewhere over a rainbow, his generous and compassionate spirit is still felt by many. 

From the classic Forbidden Planet, Robby the Robot has become one of the most popular bot icons in robot movie history—and 3 states agree. Arkansas, Kentucky, and Minnesota were enchanted by his charming gentleman manners, and maybe wouldn’t mind having their own Robby the Robot. Built by Dr. Morbius, Robby must obey the Law of Robotics: a bot may not injure a human, must obey human orders, and protect its own existence. 

6 bots tied for fourth: Lt. Commander Data, Roy Batty, The Iron Giant, Autobots, Mechagodzilla, and Disney Pixar’s WALL-E. 

Closing Thoughts

As you binge watch robot movies to see these loved characters in action, we’ll take care of your automation needs. Just like the Tin Man needed a new heart, at MRO Electric, we provide quality new parts with quality repairs—you won’t be hassled by an evil witch either. As an independent automation distributor, our specialty is to provide new surplus and remanufactured products and top-notch services. We took some service tips from Robby the Robot.

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