Simodrive E/R Module Fault – Troubleshooting

We had a customer who was getting an alarm on their Simodrive E/R Module with a fault on the machine after the hydraulic was put on. They had tried resetting the machine but the same alarm would come back up. The Simodrive part number was 6SN1145-1BA01-0DA1, the only light on it was the green LED and the terminals were both reading 27VDC. The customer was considering buying a new drive but wanted to check to see if there was some way of resolving the issue without buying a whole new Simodrive.

Based off the LED configuration that the customer was having, we determined that the external enable signal 63 was missing, so they needed to double check their connections. When the customer checked, the contact from the hydraulic connector was not making a good connection. All the customer needed to do was replace the contact kit and restart the machine which got them up and running. We would highly recommend always double checking the connections on a unit before replacing it, because there can often be a simple issue that doesn’t require the full unit to be replaced.

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Updated on March 5, 2020 by Brian Hughes

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