MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Control Techniques parts for UNI, 1220, SM, UD, SP, SE, 2400, 2415, 2450, F3N, MP, CTD, CTIU, and UDB. Lines of product include Unidrives, Focus DC Drives, Commander SE, and Unidrive SPs.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory

Unidrive UNI1403 AC DRIVE 2HP 460VAC 15KW

6 in stock

Unidrive UNI3403 AC DRIVE 30HP 480VAC 22KW

5 in stock

CANopen Large Option Module

3 in stock
SE33400750Commander SE

Control Techniques Commander SE AC DRIVE 380-48...

3 in stock
SE23400400Commander SEControl Techniques Commander SE AC DRIVE 380-480 S...2 in stock
F3R2EFocus DC1/2-2 HP with 240 AC Input Volts, 14 AC Input Max ...2 in stock

UD55 Unidrive Small Option Module Cloning Inter...

1 in stock
SE23200400Commander SE

Control Techniques Commander SE AC DRIVE 200-24...

1 in stock
SP4203Unidrive SPControl Techniques 200V AC Panel Mount Drive for stock
MP470A6Focus DC470 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 690V, 320 kW, for stock
SM-IO TimerUnidriveSM-IO Timer Unidrive Automation (I/O Expansion) for stock
SM-HEATSINK DBR2Commander SEBraking Resistor, 37.5 Ohm, 100 Watt, Heatsink for stock
SM-Encoder Output PlusUnidriveSM-Encoder Output Plus Unidrive Feedback for stock
MP825A5Focus DC825 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 575V, 465 kW, for stock
CTKPAutomationUniversal Keypadcall for stock
MP25A5Focus DC25 Armature Current, 293x444x222mm, 575V, 14 kW, for stock
MP155A4Focus DC155 Armature Current, 293x444x251mm, 480V, 56 kW, for stock
SP4605Unidrive SPControl Techniques 690V AC Panel Mount Drive for stock
2450-8015Focus DC3-5 HP with 240 AC Input Volts, 35 AC Input Max for stock
2415-8102Focus DCCONTROL TECHNIQUES DRIVE 2HP F3N2Ccall for stock
15-Way ConverterUnidrive15-Way Converter Unidrive Feedback Solutions for stock

AC Drive

call for stock
UNIBAF1AutomationUNDRIVE Classic Size 1 Baffle Platescall for stock
SP6401Unidrive SPControl Techniques 400V AC Panel Mount Drive for stock
SM-SERCOSUnidriveSM-SERCOS Unidrive Fieldbus Solutions Module for stock