MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Control Techniques parts for UNI, 1220, SM, UD, SP, SE, 2400, 2415, 2450, F3N, MP, CTD, CTIU, and UDB. Lines of product include Unidrives, Focus DC Drives, Commander SE, and Unidrive SPs.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory

Unidrive UNI2401 AC DRIVE 5.5 KW 7.5 HP

9 in stock
2450-8000Focus DC1/4-2 HP with 115/230 AC Input Volts, 16 AC Input ...4 in stock
SP3202Unidrive SPControl Techniques 200V AC Panel Mount Drive SP320...1 in stock
SP4403Unidrive SP

MANUFACTURER: Control Techniqu...

1 in stock
2400-9001Focus DCControl Techniques CONTACTOR KIT FOCUS 1 GENERAL P...1 in stock
UNIBAF4AutomationUNDRIVE Classic Size 4 Baffle Platescall for stock
MP700A5Focus DC700 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 575V, 395 kW, for stock
MP350A6Focus DC350 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 690V, 240 kW, for stock
MP1850A5Focus DC1850 Armature Current, 555x1050x611mm, 575V, 1045 for stock
MP105A4Focus DC105 Armature Current, 293x444x251mm, 480V, 37.5 for stock
F3N2CFocus DC

1/2-2 HP with 240 AC Input Volts, 14 AC Input M...

call for stock
6045-8005Focus DCVARIABLE SPEED DRIVEcall for stock
SKB3400150Commander SE


call for stock
SM-ETCCommander SE15 Pin D Shell to 15 pin screw terminal break out for stock
UNI4401UnidriveUnidrive UNI4401 AC DRIVE 75HP 480VAC 48KWcall for stock
SM-IO 120VUnidriveSM-IO 120V Unidrive Automation (I/O Expansion) for stock

UD78 Unidrive Large Option Module High Performa...

call for stock
SP6602Unidrive SPControl Techniques 690V AC Panel Mount Drive for stock
SP5202Unidrive SPControl Techniques 200V AC Panel Mount Drive for stock
SP3505Unidrive SPControl Techniques 575V AC Panel Mount Drive for stock
SP1203Unidrive SP

Control Techniques 200V AC Panel Mount Drive SP...

call for stock
SMPB-UGCommander SESM-Profibus User Guidecall for stock
SM-UNI ENCODERCommander SEUniversal Encoder Plus Solutions Module, provides for stock
SM-Keypad PlusUnidrive

SM-Keypad Plus Unidrive Keypad Solutions Module...

call for stock
SE-UGCommander SECommander SE Users Guidecall for stock