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Control Techniques

MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Control Techniques parts for UNI, 1220, SM, UD, SP, SE, 2400, 2415, 2450, F3N, MP, CTD, CTIU, and UDB. Lines of product include Unidrives, Focus DC Drives, Commander SE, and Unidrive SPs.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
SE11200037Commander SEControl Techniques Commander SE AC DRIVE 200-240 S...3 in stock
SE11200025Commander SEControl Techniques Commander SE AC DRIVE 200-240 S...2 in stock
MP700A4Focus DC700 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 480V, 250 kW, for stock
SE-UGCommander SECommander SE Users Guidecall for stock
MP900A4Focus DC900 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 480V, 340 kW, for stock
MP825A6Focus DC825 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 690V, 650 kW, for stock
MP825A5Focus DC825 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 575V, 465 kW, for stock
MP825A4Focus DC825 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 480V, 300 kW, for stock
MP75A5Focus DC75 Armature Current, 293x444x222mm, 575V, 42 kW, for stock
MP75A4Focus DC75 Armature Current, 293x444x222mm, 480V, 27 kW, for stock
MP700A6Focus DC700 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 690V, 480 kW, for stock
MP700A5Focus DC700 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 575V, 395 kW, for stock
MP210A4Focus DC210 Armature Current, 293x444x251mm, 480V, 75 kW, for stock
MP210A5Focus DC210 Armature Current, 293x444x251mm, 575V, 120 kW, for stock
MP470A6Focus DC470 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 690V, 320 kW, for stock
MP470A5Focus DC470 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 575V, 265 kW, for stock
MP45A5Focus DC45 Armature Current, 293x444x222mm, 575V, 25 kW, for stock
MP45A4Focus DC45 Armature Current, 293x444x222mm, 480V, 15 kW, for stock
MP420A4Focus DC420 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 480V, 150 kW, for stock
MP350A6Focus DC350 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 690V, 240 kW, for stock
MP350A5Focus DC350 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 575V, 195 kW, for stock
MP350A4Focus DC350 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 480V, 125 kW, for stock
MP25A5Focus DC25 Armature Current, 293x444x222mm, 575V, 14 kW, for stock
MP25A4Focus DC25 Armature Current, 293x444x222mm, 480V, 9 kW, for stock
MP550A4Focus DC550 Armature Current, 495x640x301mm, 480V, 200 kW, for stock