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Modicon 140CPU53414B CPU – Obsolete

The Schneider Electric Modicon 140CPU53414B CPU is one of the main CPUs of the Quantum Series. It is no long in production from Schneider, but we do still have new and refurbished units available. To make sure this is the CPU is the one for your system we have the notes and overview below.

– The 140CPU53414B is functionally identical to the non-B version, however the following must be considered:
– If you are using the CPU in a hot standby system, you must use either two non-A versions, two A versions, or two B versions.     – The B version required a new flash exec.
– The B version, A version, and non-A flash execs are not interchangeable.
– Schneider software (Concept, ProWorx, and Modsoft) supports the B version.

CPU Module – The following shows the 140CPU53414B CPU module and its components

The following table shows the specifications for the 140CPU53414B CPU

The following figure shows the LED indicators

The following table shows the run LED error codes for the 140CPU53414B

For more info about the  140CPU53414B along with the other Quantum CPUs we carry you can visit our site here. To get a quote you can email or call 1-800-691-8511.

Simodrive F-16 Alarm Code Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

We recently had a customer install a replacement 6SN1121-0BA11-0AA1 card into a 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 power module. When they installed the card it came up with an F-16 alarm code on the display of it, which references an “Illegal Power Module.” Using the instructions in the manual for the start-up of a replacement Simodrive card or power module we were able to get the customer back up and running with the steps below.

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