Modicon Quantum by Schneider Electric

Modicon Quantum PLCs

The Modicon Quantum series is a large PLC for process applications, high availability, and safety solutions. Quantum provides well-balances CPUs able to provide leading performance from boolean to floating point instruction. They have a high-level multitasking system, memory capacity up to 7 Mb using PCMCIA extensions, and plus and play high-performance Hot-Standby solutions. The Modicon Quantum series from Schneider Electric offers a large range of processors that will fit any design for your ethernet architecture. 

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
140ACO02000Analog Output Module - 4 O - 4..20 Ma, 12 Bits Bip...56 in stock
140ACI03000Analog Input Module - 8 I Multirange33 in stock
140ACI04000Analog Input Module - 16 I Multirange23 in stock
140ACO13000Analog Output Module - 8 O Multirange16 in stock
140ATI03000Analog Input Module - 8 I Thermocouple13 in stock
140AVI03000Analog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 8 I Multiran...12 in stock
140AVO02000Analog Output Module12 in stock
140ARI03010Analog Input- 8 I Ni / Pt 100, 200, 500, 100011 in stock

Intrinsically safe temperature input module Mod...

3 in stock
140AII33010 Input module3 in stock
140AIO33000Intrinsically safe analog output module, - 8 O2 in stock
140AMM09000Analog Input Output Module - 4 I - 2 O1 in stock
140AVI03000CAnalog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 8 I for stock
140ACI04000CAnalog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 16 I for stock
140AUI04000Spectrum Controls Analog Input Module ( for stock
140ATI03000CAnalog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 8 I for stock
140ACO02000CAnalog Output Module Modicon Quantum - 4 O - for stock
140ARI03010CAnalog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 8 I Ni / Pt for stock
140ACO13000CAnalog Output Module Modicon Quantum - 8 Ocall for stock

Analog RTD Input Module 8CH

call for stock
140AMM09000CAnalog Input Output Module Modicon Quantum - 4 I for stock
140ACI03000CAnalog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 8 I for stock
140AII33000CIntrinsically safe temperature input module for stock
140ARI03000CAnalog RTD Input Module 8CHcall for stock