Control Techniques Unidrives and Environmental Responsibility

Control Techniques Unidrive

Control Techniques Unidrives and Environmental Responsibility

Control Techniques is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of their manufacturing operations and of their products throughout their life cycle. To this end, they operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is certified to the International Standard ISO 14001. Further information on the EMS, their Environmental Policy, and other relevant information is available on request or can be found at

The electronic variable-speed drive manufactured by Control Techniques (such as the Control Techniques UNI1405) have the potential to save energy and reduce raw material consumption and scrap throughout their long working life through increase machine/process efficiency. In typical applications, these positive environmental effects far outweigh the negative impacts of product manufacture and end-of-life disposal.

Nevertheless, when the products eventually reach the end of their useful life, they can be very easily dismantled into their major components for efficient recycling. Many parts snap together and can be separated without the use of tools, whilst other parts are secured with conventional screws. Virtually all parts of the product are suitable for recycling.

Product packaging is of good quality and can be re-used. Large products are packaged in wooden crates; whilst smaller products come in strong cardboard cartons which themselves have a high recycled fiber content. If not re-used, these containers can be recycled. Polyethylene, used on the protective film and bags for wrapping product, can be recycled in the same way. Control Techniques’ packaging strategy favors easily-recyclable materials of low environmental impact, and regular reviews identify opportunities for improvements which are consistently being made.

When preparing to recycle or dispose of any product or packaging, please observe local legislation and best practice.

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