Fanuc Spindle Amp Alarm Codes for Alpha Series

fanuc spindle amp

Fanuc Spindle Amp Alarm Codes for Alpha Series

Fanuc Spindle Amp Alarm codes for amplifiers that start with part number A06B-6088, A06B-6102, and A06B-6078.

“A” Program Rom abnormality (Not Installed)

AL-01 Motor Overheat

AL-02 Excessive speed deviation

AL-03 DC Link fuse blown

AL-04 Input fuse blown

AL-05 Control power supply

AL-06 Over Speed

AL-07 Excessive Speed

AL-08 High Input Voltage

AL-09 Excessive load on main circuit section

AL-10 Low input voltage

AL-11 Over-voltage in DC link section

AL-12 Over-current in DC link section

AL-13 CPU Internal data memory abnormality

AL-15 Spindle switch/output switch alarm

AL-16 RAM Abnormality

AL-18 Program ROM checksum error

AL-19 Excessive U phase current detection circuit offset

AL-20 Excessive V phase current detection circuit offset

AL-24 Serial transfer data error

AL-25 Serial transfer data stopped

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AL-26 Disconnection of speed detection signal for C’s contouring control

AL-27 Position coder signal disconnection

AL-28 Disconnection of position detection signals for C’s contouring control

AL-29 Short-time overload

AL-30 Input circuit over current

AL-31 Speed detection signal disconnection motor restraint alarm

AL-32 Abnormality in RAM internal to LSI for serial data transfer

AL-33 Insufficient DC link section charging

AL-34 Parameter data setting beyond allowable range of values

AL-35 Excessive gear ratio data setting

AL-36 Error counter overflow

AL-37 Speed detector parameter setting error

AL-39 Alarm for indicating failure in detecting 1-rotation signal for C’s contouring control

AL-40 Alarm for indicating 1-rotation signal for C’s contouring control not detected

AL-41 Alarm for indicating failure in detecting position coder 1-rotation signal

AL-42 Alarm for indication position coder 1-rotation not detected

AL-43 Alarm for indicating disconnection of position coder signal for differential speed mode

AL-46 Alarm for indicating failure in detecting position coder 1 rotation signal in thread cutting operation

AL-47 Position coder signal abnormality

AL-48 Position coder 1-rotation signal abnormality

AL-49 The converted differential speed is too high

AL-50 Excessive speed command calculation value in spindle synchronization control

AL-51 Under voltage at DC link section

AL-52 ITP signal abnormality 1

AL-53 ITP signal abnormality 2

AL-54 Overload current alarm

AL-55 Power line abnormality in spindle switching/output switching

AL-56 Cooling fan error.

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