Powering Up a Siemens PCU 50 (Siemens Simodrive)

Siemens Simodrive

Powering Up a Siemens PCU 50 (Siemens Simodrive)

Recently we had a customer who we helped to walk through with booting up a 6FC5210-0DF22-0AA0 Siemens Simodrive PCU 50 unit that they were replacing. Their original unit was starting up and then freezing after several minutes so they decided to go ahead and replace the unit, as their original was diagnosed as having a blown main board which was not repairable. There were some issue with getting the replacement up and running, so we wanted to give a simple explanation for powering up a 6FC5210-0DF22-0AA0 unit (view Siemens CNC Simodrive Series parts here), along with an accompanying video showing the final result.

To start, the PCU 50 need to be hooked up to 24VDC power using the accompanying green plug. On the PCU 50 itself there is a wiring diagram showing all of the connections for the ground and the +/-. Next, the display monitor is hooked up to the VGA port, and then the keyboard/mouse are hooked into either the USB connections or the designated connections on the side of the 6FC5210-0DF22-0AA0 unit. Before powering on the unit, you need to make sure to turn the black knob on the CPU card from the “non-operating” position to the “operating” position. If it is not changed the unit will still power on, but you will be unable to access the CPU. Once everything is set you can turn on the DC power and the 6FC5210-0DF22-0AA0 will power up successfully, bringing you to the login screen.

Here is a link to a video showing the connections and the booting process.

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Joe Kaminski

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One thought to “Powering Up a Siemens PCU 50 (Siemens Simodrive)”

  1. Sir,
    We have 6FC5210-0DF21-2AA0 , recently we facing problem that it is not booting, even the system check screen also not appearing, although when we apply 24 VDC cpu fan and other cooling fan getting on, NO screen or cursor appear no matter how much we wait.
    Checked the operating panel on other PCU its good and working good.
    Do you have any solution for it

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