Simodrive F15 Alarm Code – Cause and Solution

Recently a customer sent in a Siemens Simodrive for repair when they were getting an F15 Alarm on the unit. The description for this alarm is as follows:

– F–15 Drive converter
– Overtemperature
     – Drive converter overloaded
(incorrect motor/converter assignment, incorrect load duty cycle,
clock cycle frequency too high)
      – Ambient temperature too high
      – Fan in the IM module failed
      – Defective temperature sensor in the IM module

Normally, this Simodrive F15 Alarm is in reference to the fans in the unit failing, which in turn causes an over temperature issue in the unit. This is normally caused by the fans not being cleaned out regularly which causes them to jam, which can then short out other internal boards in the unit. This was the case for the unit the customer sent in, so we took apart the unit, replaced the fans, and replaced several internal boards that had shorted. We would highly recommend routine cleaning of Simodrive fans, especially dirty ones, to prevent drive failure.

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Updated on March 5, 2020 by Brian Hughes

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