Unidrive SP SM-EZ Motion HF Trips

Unidrive SP SM-EZ Motion HF Trips

This guide is meant to help clear SM-EZ Motion HF Trips on a Unidrive SP drive from Emerson Control Techniques. The SM-EZ motion module is used with SP drives and is programmed using Power Tools Pro. It allows users to create specific motion profiles such as indexing, home routines, electronic gearing, and many others.

An HF (hardware fault) can be generated by the drive if there is a problem with the solutions module. The drive will display the trip as SLX.HF. It is sometimes possible to correct this trip without replacing the module. The EZ Motion program in the module may become corrupt which can cause this type of trip. Clearing the program and setting the module back to factory settings may resolve the trip. Before clearing the module a drive reset and power cycle should be performed.

They could correct the trip as well.

unidrive sp
Module Clearing Procedure

1. Ensure the module is installed in any slot

2. Enter 19237 at #18.01

3. Cycle power to the drive

4. The drive will trip SLX.ER on power up. This is a 107 “No Program” trip

5. Press the red reset button to clear the SLX.ER trip

6. Reload your EZ Motion program back into the drive.

The HF trip could be resolved at this point.

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