New or refurbished FANUC CNC controls come with a 1 year warranty. Save more with our core exchange program. We also offer repair for CNC controls. All FANUC parts are thoroughly inspected and tested by certified and experienced repair technicians. Focused on driving customers to be more efficient, profitable, and reliable, MRO Electric and Supply carries 2560 parts by Fanuc CNC.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
A16B-1200-0220RoboticsADD MEMORY CARD2 in stock
A14B-0019-0004RoboticsPOWER UNITcall for stock
A290-7009-X505RoboticsSHAFT A A1 WRISTcall for stock
A05B-2450-J031RoboticsGBO AUXILIARY AXIS BOARD Ccall for stock
A06B-0603-B227Robotics CNC - Robotics, Model 30N, ST, SLK, BRK, TACH, 1/ for stock
XGMF-16393Robotics*RPL ALPHA 30/3000IS TAP BRKcall for stock
A290-7031-X319RoboticsSTOPPER, RUBBER BUSHINGcall for stock
A16B-0190-0101RoboticsPCBcall for stock
A15L-0001-0105RoboticsCC-LINK DAUGHTER BOARDcall for stock
A290-7031-Z228RoboticsSUPPORT CABLE S-400/410/480call for stock
A290-7120-X423RoboticsSTOPPER U & S FOR S-700call for stock
A05B-2255-C101#EAWRoboticsTouch screen MATERIAL HANDLINGcall for stock
A16B-1100-0240RoboticsFANUC BOTTOM CARD FOR ABOVEcall for stock
A290-7031-X363RoboticsHard Stopcall for stock
A06B-0651-B294Robotics CNC - Robotics, Model 10M, ST, SLK, BRK, TACH, 1/ for stock
A05B-2416-C011RoboticsRJ3 Connector Panelcall for stock
ME-1800-120-001Robotics24pin Ee Cable 8ftcall for stock
A06B-0652-B283Robotics CNC - Robotics, Model 20M, ST, SLK, BRK, TACH, for stock
A06B-0601-B228Robotics CNC - Robotics, A06B-06, ST, SLK, BRK, TACH, 2/3 for stock
XGMF-27666Roboticsi PENDANT (TOUCH PANEL) ARC WELDINGcall for stock
A290-7031-V034-V035RoboticsCABLE TRAY ASSY. RFcall for stock
A16B-1201-0280RoboticsBoardscall for stock
A06B-0651-B094Robotics CNC - Robotics, Model 10M, ST, SLK, TACH, 1/1 for stock
A20B-2001-0041RoboticsPCB-8 CAMERA SEL. W/O MONITORcall for stock
A05B-2650-C040RoboticsFANUC Backplanecall for stock