New or refurbished FANUC CNC controls come with a 1 year warranty. Save more with our core exchange program. We also offer repair for CNC controls. All FANUC parts are thoroughly inspected and tested by certified and experienced repair technicians. Focused on driving customers to be more efficient, profitable, and reliable, MRO Electric and Supply carries 2560 parts by Fanuc CNC.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
A290-7321-X215RoboticsStopper 2 Jt. 1call for stock
A660-2003-T240-L7R003RoboticsCablecall for stock
A290-7021-V554RoboticsCASTING FOR TWO END for stock
A290-7021-X332RoboticsCover Platecall for stock
A660-2003-T280-L7R803BARobotics Cable Weld I/O Interfacecall for stock
A660-2002-T430-L20R13RoboticsCABLE M-1A RC RC2 ALPHA/BETA PULSE CODERcall for stock
A660-2002-T902-L20.0MRoboticsCABLE RF/RH S-400call for stock
A660-2002-T947-L17R03RoboticsCABLE A-S SERIES RF REMOTE OP PANELcall for stock
A290-7212-T402RoboticsJ4 AXIS ASSYcall for stock
A05B-2301-D003RoboticsEnable switch - teach pendant - older versioncall for stock
A290-7204-V201RoboticsGUIDE CABLE ASSEMBLYcall for stock
A05B-2070-H051RoboticsPCB - 2 AXIS CNTRL BOARD ASSYcall for stock
EE-4707-202-001RoboticsM-20iA Enc/Pwr Joiner " Y" Cable - Special Ordercall for stock
A05B-2330-C010RoboticsBACKPLANE RJ2 ARCMATEcall for stock
A660-2004-T978-L12.5MBRobotics Cable Teach Pendantcall for stock
A290-7011-X346RoboticsSUPPORT M-1A/M-100call for stock
A290-7011-X320RoboticsOILES BEARING R-AXIS M-1A/M-100call for stock
A05B-2303-B011RoboticsS-700 RJ Controllercall for stock
EE-3285-025RoboticsRELIABLE ISTPcall for stock
A290-7221-T501RoboticsWrist Assemblycall for stock
A63L-0001-0327#M-2PRoboticsFANUC Connector, 12-Week Lead Timecall for stock
A97L-0218-0837#37Robotics RV-120C-36.75 Reducer, J1call for stock
EE-0365-201-020RoboticsCamera Cable, 20mcall for stock
A290-7210-V502RoboticsJ 5 GEAR ASS 100i/m6icall for stock
A05B-2301-C223RoboticsOutlet Powercall for stock