New or refurbished FANUC CNC controls come with a 1 year warranty. Save more with our core exchange program. We also offer repair for CNC controls. All FANUC parts are thoroughly inspected and tested by certified and experienced repair technicians. Focused on driving customers to be more efficient, profitable, and reliable, MRO Electric and Supply carries 2560 parts by Fanuc CNC.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
A61L-0001-0072AutomationFanuc CRT Monitor Replacement - 9 Monochrome monit...1 in stock
A290-0561-V561Automation10,000P HR ENCODERcall for stock
A61L-0001-0186AutomationA61L LCD UNITcall for stock
A05B-1111-J221RoboticsCABLE UPPER Z HARNESS (ALPHA SERIES)call for stock
A860-0304-T111Automation2000P INC ENCODERcall for stock
A05B-1111-D021RoboticsCABLE - K101call for stock
A860-0301-T003Automation3000 P BALL SCREW PULSE CODERcall for stock
A05B-1039-H212RoboticsOT SWITCH FOR J1call for stock
A860-0203-T010AutomationM.P.G. PENDANT TYPE W/LED X-Z AXEScall for stock
A05B-1037-K503RoboticsWRIST ASSEMBLY / M410IHS/IHWcall for stock
A81L-0001-0165AutomationAC REACTOR, FOR PSM-75HVI, PSM-100HVIcall for stock
A05B-1037-J032RoboticsJ1 AXIS RANGE SELECTION /D2call for stock
A61L-0001-0163Automation10.4 COLOR LCDcall for stock
A05B-1037-H602RoboticsMECH UNIT CABLE (CE MARK) W/EEcall for stock
A20B-8001-0122RoboticsPCB- EHTERNET BOARD RJ2call for stock
A20B-8101-0550RoboticsCC LINK REMOTE DEVICE PCBcall for stock
A61L-0001-0104AutomationWHITE TEXT 9 INCH MONOCHROME MONITORcall for stock
A20B-8100-0762RoboticsAUX.AXIS BOARD B call for stock
A61L-0001-0091AutomationA61L CRT UNIT 12INCH COLORcall for stock
A20B-8100-0490RoboticsDeviceNet Mini Board Bcall for stock
A20B-8100-0421RoboticsBoard Aux Axis (6 axes)call for stock
A290-7002-X565AutomationBALANCER SYSTEMcall for stock
A20B-8001-0470RoboticsINTERFACE BOARD B call for stock
A290-1408-X501AutomationFANUC Fan Housing (Red Cover), 16-20 Week Lead for stock
A860-0309-T352AutomationPOSITION CODER ALPHA-S 10000RPM W/68MM FLANGEcall for stock