With its roots in Germany, KUKA is a robotics and automation manufacturer. With 25 subsidiaries located across the world, servicing your devices may or may not be a challenge. At MRO Electric and Supply we can help you find new and refurbished models for KUKA teach pendants, as well as restore damaged equipment. Contact us right now for immediate help.

Latest Products

Part Number Series Description Inventory
00-110-494 Robotics KUKA CIRCUIT BOARD call for stock
00-119-966 Robotics PC BOARD CONVERTER RESOLVER 120MHZ RDW2 call for stock
00-130-764 Robotics SLAVE CONTROL Siemens Profibus PCI Card A5E0021917... call for stock
00-130-547 Robotics Teach Pendant KCP2 - 4 switch position. 0.5AMP 24V... call for stock
00-128-456 Robotics KVGA 2.0 Interface Card call for stock
00-128-358 Robotics MFC3 Card (00-117-336) call for stock
00-125-236 Robotics KUKA Robot Card MFC2 call for stock
00-122-286 Robotics KUKA KSD1-32 Servo Drive call for stock
00-122-285 Robotics KSD1-16 SERVO DRIVE call for stock
00-122-284 Robotics SERVO DRIVE OP: 8/6.4AMP 3PH 0-400/480VAC 0-480HZ call for stock
00-121-154 Robotics KC2 Controller with Interbus PCI call for stock
00-120-402 Robotics MFC3 Printed Circuit Board call for stock
00-118-967 Robotics KRC2 Interbus Card call for stock
00-111-846 Robotics KUKA KPS 600 / 20 - ESC call for stock
00-118-966 Robotics KRC2 Interbus Fiberoptic Card call for stock
00-117-606 Robotics KUKA Servo Motor (1FK7100-5AZ91-1ZZ9-Z S05) 3.2kW ... call for stock
00-117-344 Robotics KSD1-48 SERVO DRIVE MODULE call for stock
00-117-336 Robotics DSE-33 MFC3 Card (00-128-358) call for stock
00-116-626 Robotics ETHERNET NETWORK CARD call for stock
00-115-489 Robotics KRC2 Whole Computer Units call for stock
00-115-115 Robotics KPS-600/20 POWER SUPPLY call for stock
00-114-973 Robotics Robot Motherboad call for stock
00-114-265 Robotics KRC2 Teach pendant KCP KCP2 call for stock
00-111-847 Robotics KPS-600/20 POWER SUPPLY 20AMP 400/480V 50-60HZ call for stock
00-131-239 Robotics Teach Pendant KCP2 - 4 switch position call for stock