With its roots in Germany, KUKA is a robotics and automation manufacturer. With 25 subsidiaries located across the world, servicing your devices may or may not be a challenge. At MRO Electric and Supply we can help you find new and refurbished models for KUKA teach pendants, as well as restore damaged equipment. Contact us right now for immediate help.

Latest Products

Part Number Series Description Inventory
00-132-341 Robotics Teach Pendant KCP2 SP, 10M Cord, 5AMP 24VDC call for stock
1FK6032-6AK71-1ZZ9-Z S36 Robotics KR6 Servo Motor call for stock
1FK7083-5AF81-1YY3-Z Robotics SERVO MOTOR 9.3AMP 3.1KW 6000RPM MAX call for stock
1FK7081-5AZ91-1ZZ9-Z S04 Robotics SERVO MOTOR call for stock
1FK6101-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S44 Robotics SERVO MOTOR 5.1AMP 185V 2.36KW call for stock
1FK6100-8AZ91-1ZZ9-Z S41 Robotics AC Servo Motor (00-104-692) call for stock
1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S49 Robotics SERVO MOTOR 3.77KW 9.5AMP 156V 3000/4200NM call for stock
1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z Robotics SERVO MOTOR call for stock
1FK6100-8AF71-1ZZ9-Z S09 Robotics SERVO MOTOR 9.5AMP 156V 3.77KW IP64 call for stock
1FK6081-6AZ91-1ZZ9-Z S40 Robotics SERVO MOTOR 5.1AMP 185V 2.36KW (00-104-695) call for stock
1FK6081-6AF71-1ZZ9-Z-S47 Robotics SERVO MOTOR AC BRUSHLESS 6.60AMP call for stock
1FK6081-6AF71-1ZZ9 ZS47 Robotics AC Servo Motor (00-100-596) call for stock
00-216-802 Robotics KUKA Teach Pendant VKRC4 CONTROL PANEL call for stock
00-133-342 Robotics KRC2 Ethernet Card call for stock
00-216-801 Robotics Teach Pendant call for stock
00-198-269 Robotics KUKA KSP 600 3x64 UL call for stock
00-198-266 Robotics Control Board KSP for 3 Axes (KSP 600-3x200) call for stock
00-198-263 Robotics KUKA KPP 600-20 2 x 40 UL call for stock
00-174-901 Robotics Pendant Cable call for stock
00-168-334 Robotics Robot Teach Pendant / Control Panel call for stock
00-138-968 Robotics TECH BOARD W/ MOUNTING PLATE C13 call for stock
00-137-574 Robotics Safety RDW I/O Print PCB call for stock
00-134-932 Robotics KRC2 Safety Board ESC-C13 call for stock
00-134-525 Robotics POWER SUPPLY KPS-600/20-ESC call for stock
1FK7100-5AZ91-1ZZ9-Z S05 Robotics KUKA Servo Motor (00-117-606) 3.2kW 7.3A 4300/5000... call for stock