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With its roots in Germany, KUKA is a robotics and automation manufacturer. With 25 subsidiaries located across the world, servicing your devices may or may not be a challenge. At MRO Electric and Supply we can help you find new and refurbished models for KUKA teach pendants, as well as restore damaged equipment. Contact us right now for immediate help.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
69-157-017RoboticsPC Input/Output Boardcall for stock
69-327-921RoboticsSERVO DRIVEcall for stock
71-039-278RoboticsSERVO CONTROL 6AXIS PM6-600call for stock
71-039-276RoboticsKRC1 PC BOARD VGA VIDEO CARDcall for stock
71-039-271RoboticsKRC1 Resolver Card (RDW)call for stock
69-350-125RoboticsSERVO AXIS DRIVE (BMC15/90KB)call for stock
69-350-075RoboticsKUKA AXIS DRIVE (BMC30/135KB)call for stock
69-334-285RoboticsPOWER SUPPLY MODULE FOR SERVO MOTOR INVERTER NM100...call for stock
69-334-040RoboticsKUKA FN004/3A POWER SUPPLYcall for stock
69-334-006RoboticsFN006 POWER SUPPLYcall for stock
69-327-924RoboticsPS15 /67 POWER SUPPLYcall for stock
69-327-920Robotics3PS5/12I POWER SUPPLYcall for stock
69-223-650RoboticsPOWER SUPPLYcall for stock
69-249-275RoboticsKRC32 DSE Board (6FX1125-0CB01)call for stock
69-225-468RoboticsKUKA Servo Motor (KK65Y-YYYY-054-Z) 6.6kW 600Vcall for stock
69-225-467RoboticsAC Servo Motor 600V 3.77KW 3000RPM (KK55Y-YYYY-030...call for stock
69-225-466RoboticsSERVO MOTOR AC (1FK6032-6AK71-1ZZ9-Z S36)call for stock
69-225-465RoboticsAC Servo Motor (KK4EY-YYY-033)call for stock
69-225-464RoboticsAC Servo Motor (KK53Y-YYYY-017)call for stock
69-225-463RoboticsAC SERVO MOTOR BRUSHLESS 3PHASE KR150 (1FK6100-8AF...call for stock
69-225-450RoboticsAC SERVOMOTOR 4.71KW 810V 21A 3000 /MINcall for stock
69-223-800RoboticsSERVO AXIS DRIVE (NM100AB)call for stock
69-223-652RoboticsPOWER SUPPLYcall for stock
71-051-202RoboticsFE005/2-3 INTERFACE BOARDcall for stock