With its roots in Germany, KUKA is a robotics and automation manufacturer. With 25 subsidiaries located across the world, servicing your devices may or may not be a challenge. At MRO Electric and Supply we can help you find new and refurbished models for KUKA teach pendants, as well as restore damaged equipment. Contact us right now for immediate help.

Latest Products

Part Number Series Description Inventory
EVS9326-KHV531 Robotics Lenze Servo Drive (00-103-117) call for stock
KRC1 Robotics KRC1's (also known as the KR C1) are the oldest an... call for stock
LP95LP0661-2-10 Robotics PC ROBOT CONTROL CARD RIO 2.01 call for stock
KSD1-64 Robotics SERVO DRIVE MODULE CONTROLLER call for stock
KSD1-48 Robotics SERVO DRIVE 48AMP 480-585V 480HZ call for stock
KSD1-32 Robotics SERVO DRIVE 0-480VAC 16AMP call for stock
KSD1-16 Robotics SERVO DRIVE INDUSTRIAL ROBOT 8AMP 0-480VAC call for stock
KSD1-08 Robotics 3.3KVA 0-480VAC 4A KUKA SERVO DRIVE call for stock
KRC4 Compact Robotics The KUKA KRC4 Compact is the smallest version of t... call for stock
KRC4 Robotics THE KRC (KR C4) is the newest KUKA controller on t... call for stock
KRC3 Robotics The KUKA KRC3 offers the similar technology to the... call for stock
KRC2 Robotics The KUKA KRC2 is a modular robot controller design... call for stock
KPS600-20-ESC Robotics POWER SUPPLY 400-480VAC (00-134-525) call for stock
EVS9328-KHV531 Robotics Lenze Servo Drive (00-103-118) call for stock
KK67Y-YYYY-050 Robotics KUKA SERVO MOTOR AC 8.5KW 3000RPM 600V 19.6AMP call for stock
KK65Y-YYYY-054-Z Robotics KUKA Servo Motor 6.6kW 600V (69-225-468) call for stock
KK55Y-YYYY-030 Robotics SERVO MOTOR 600V 3.77KW 3000RPM (69-225-467) call for stock
KK53Y-YYYY-071 Robotics 2.8 kW 600V 3300 RPM AC SERVO MOTOR call for stock
KK53Y-YYYY-017 Robotics SERVO MOTOR (Alternate Part Number: 69-225-464) 2... call for stock
KK4EY-YYYY-033 Robotics SERVO MOTOR 2.1AMP 600VAC 0.79KW call for stock
KK4EY-YYY-033 Robotics AC Servo Motor (69-225-465) call for stock
IFE42-0187 Robotics MODULE call for stock
IFE42-0186 Robotics INTERFACE MODULE call for stock
IFE42-0185 Robotics MODULE call for stock
LP97LP0684-2-01 Robotics PC ROBOT CONTROL CARD RIO 2.01 call for stock