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Schneider Electric 140DDO35300

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Part Number140DDO35300
ManufacturerSchneider Electric
TypeI/O Modules
Model #140-DDO-353-00
Warranty2 Year
Module formatStandard
Product or component typeDc discrete output module
Discrete output number32
Group of channels4 groups of 8
Discrete output logicNegative logic (sink)
Addressing requirement2 output words
Discrete output voltage24 V DC
Output voltage limits19.2...30 V
Absolute maximum output56 V for 1.3 s decaying pulse
Voltage drop0.4 V 0.5 A
Maximum load current4 A per group
16 A per module
Surge current<= 5 A for 0.0005 s
Response time<= 1 ms at state 1 to state 0
<= 1 ms at state 0 to state 1
Leakage current0.4 mA 30 V
Load inductanceInductance(H) = 0.5/((current(A))² x (switching frequency(Hz))) 50 Hz
Fault indicationBlown fuse
Loss of field power
Associated fuse rating5 A per group
3 A each point
Isolation between channels and bus1780 Vrms DC for 1 minute
Isolation between group500 Vrms DC for 1 minute
Protection typeInternal output protection by 5 A fuse per group
Power dissipation1.75 W + (0.4 V x total module load current)
Local signalling32 LEDs green input status
1 LED red external fault detected (F)
1 LED green bus communication is present (Active)
Bus current requirement330 mA

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Schneider Electric 140DDO35300 Overview

Schneider Electric 140DDO35300: High-Performance DC Discrete Output Module

Product Overview:

The Schneider Electric 140DDO35300 is a state-of-the-art I/O module designed to provide reliable and efficient control in industrial automation systems. With its impressive array of features and robust construction, this module stands as a testament to Schneider Electric's commitment to innovation and quality.


  • Part Number: 140DDO35300
  • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
  • Type: I/O Modules
  • Model #: 140-DDO-353-00

Module Format and Output:

The 140DDO35300 comes in a standard module format and is specifically tailored for DC discrete output applications. Boasting 32 discrete output channels organized into 4 groups of 8, this module offers comprehensive control capabilities for a variety of industrial processes.

Output Characteristics:

Utilizing negative logic (sink), this module ensures seamless integration into a wide range of industrial setups. With a discrete output voltage of 24 V DC and output voltage limits ranging from 19.2 to 30 V, it provides flexibility and reliability in voltage regulation. Additionally, the module can withstand an absolute maximum output of 56 V for 1.3 seconds, ensuring resilience even under demanding conditions.

Performance and Safety:

The 140DDO35300 guarantees high performance with a response time of less than 1 millisecond for both state transitions. With a maximum load current of 4 A per group and 16 A per module, it offers ample capacity for powering various industrial loads. Furthermore, the module incorporates internal output protection via a 5 A fuse per group, ensuring reliable operation and safeguarding against potential faults.

Fault Indication and Protection:

Equipped with a blown fuse and loss of field power detection mechanism, the module provides clear fault indication, facilitating prompt troubleshooting and minimizing downtime. With associated fuse ratings of 5 A per group and 3 A each point, it ensures optimal protection against overcurrent conditions. Additionally, the module features isolation between channels and the bus, with impressive isolation ratings of 1780 Vrms DC for 1 minute, enhancing safety and reliability in operation.

Ease of Use and Monitoring:

Featuring local signaling through 32 green LED input status indicators, the module enables easy monitoring of output states. A single red LED indicates external fault detection (F), while a green LED signifies the presence of bus communication, ensuring quick identification of system status. With a bus current requirement of 330 mA, the module maintains efficiency without compromising performance.

Schneider Electric 140DDO35300: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the typical application for the 140DDO35300 module?

A: The 140DDO35300 module is commonly used in industrial automation systems for controlling DC-powered devices such as solenoids, valves, actuators, and relays. Its high-performance characteristics and comprehensive output capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

Q: How does the module handle fault detection and protection?

A: The 140DDO35300 module features built-in fault detection mechanisms, including blown fuse detection and loss of field power detection. In the event of a fault, such as an overcurrent condition, the module provides clear indication through LED indicators and ensures optimal protection of connected devices.

Q: Can the module withstand voltage fluctuations and surges?

A: Yes, the 140DDO35300 module is designed to withstand voltage fluctuations and surges within specified limits. With an absolute maximum output rating and comprehensive protection features, including internal output protection and surge current limitations, it ensures reliable operation even in challenging electrical environments.

Q: How is the module's performance affected by load characteristics?

A: The 140DDO35300 module maintains consistent performance under varying load conditions. With a maximum load current rating per group and per module, as well as optimized response times, it delivers reliable control and operation, regardless of load characteristics.

Q: What is the process for addressing and configuring the module?

A: The addressing requirement for the 140DDO35300 module involves assigning output words to control specific channels or groups of channels. Configuration and setup may vary depending on the specific application and control system used. Refer to the module's user manual and manufacturer guidelines for detailed instructions on addressing and configuration procedures.

Q: Is the module compatible with other Schneider Electric products and control systems?

A: Yes, the 140DDO35300 module is designed to seamlessly integrate with other Schneider Electric products and control systems. It adheres to industry-standard communication protocols and interface specifications, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of industrial automation equipment and systems.

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