MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron parts for product lines including V1000, V1000-4X, J1000, L1000A, MV1000, VS Mini, A1000, MagneTek G5 GPD 515, MagneTek G7, Omron P7, MagneTek P5 GPD 503 505 506 and CIMR-F7U drives, AC7 Matrix Converters, Mechatrolink-II Servo Amplifiers, Sigma 2 and 5, and SERVOPACK.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
SGMGV-20D3A6HAutomationYaskawa Sigma-II AC Servo Motors - 230V, 2000W, for stock
SGMGV-1EADA61Sigma 5 DrivesS5 MTR 15KW 200V INC KY TPcall for stock
CPS-10FBRoboticsERC DC POWER SUPPLY (479046-1)call for stock
131000-3RoboticsREDUCER HARMONIC B/T-AXIS L60 ERC (HW8380206)call for stock
CPCR-MR021KBTY8RoboticsServoPACKcall for stock
130953-1RoboticsUWI (BARE BOARD)call for stock
CP9200SHAutomationYaskawa CP9200SH: CPUcall for stock
130388-1RoboticsWASHER,T-AXIS,K100S,ERCcall for stock
CM059AutomationYaskawa CM059: DEVICENET COMMUNICATION KIT (SI-N1 for stock
130374-1RoboticsGUIDE,LINEAR,S304SB,ERCcall for stock
CIMR-ZU4A0021FAAVS Mini DrivesYaskawa CIMR-ZU4A0021FAA: YASKAWA Z1000 15 HP, for stock
130327-1RoboticsREDUCER,HARMONIC,R-AXIS,S304SB,ERCcall for stock
130307-1RoboticsREDUCER,RV,S-AXIS,K5S,ERCcall for stock
SGMGV-05D3A6DSigma 5 DrivesS5 MTR 450W 400V ABS KY TP 90VBK Scall for stock
SGMGV-1AD3A61Sigma 5 DrivesS5 MTR 11KW 400V ABS KY TPcall for stock
130277-2RoboticsBOARD CONNECTORcall for stock
SGMGV-13D3A6SSigma 5 DrivesS5 Motor, 1.3KW, 400V, ABS KY TP Scall for stock
130084-3RoboticsHARNESS,WIRING,A 1/A2,K10AS,ERCcall for stock
SGMGV-13A3A6ESigma 5 DrivesS5 MTR 1.3KW 200V ABS KY TP BK Scall for stock
130020-2RoboticsREDUCER RV K150S ERC MRCcall for stock
SGMGV-09D3A6CSigma 5 DrivesS5 MTR 850W 400V ABS KY TP BKcall for stock
130010-6RoboticsREDUCER,RV,R-AXIS,K60A ERCcall for stock
SGMGV-09ADA61Sigma 5 Drives

S5 MTR 850W 200V INC KY TP

call for stock
050S4.5M315RoboticsTIMING BELT B Axis (139740-2)call for stock
131413-2RoboticsCABLE,PIGTAIL,ENCODER,L-10Fcall for stock