MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron parts for product lines including V1000, V1000-4X, J1000, L1000A, MV1000, VS Mini, A1000, MagneTek G5 GPD 515, MagneTek G7, Omron P7, MagneTek P5 GPD 503 505 506 and CIMR-F7U drives, AC7 Matrix Converters, Mechatrolink-II Servo Amplifiers, Sigma 2 and 5, and SERVOPACK.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
132841-1RoboticsE-Stop, Mrc Teach Pendantcall for stock
132842-1RoboticsSERVO ON SWITCHcall for stock
132843-1RoboticsTeach Pendant Hangar (DF9300717)call for stock
132845-1RoboticsSTRAPcall for stock
132851-1RoboticsSHAFT,WRIST,L150LS,ERCcall for stock
132O15-1RoboticsCABLE,POWER,MOTOR,L-AXIS,K3,ERCcall for stock
133108-2RoboticsHOOK SWITCHcall for stock
133164-1RoboticsCABLE,L15OLS,ERCcall for stock
133178-1RoboticsREDUCER RV S-AXIS SK6/MRC 20E 161:1 133178-1 / for stock
133181-1RoboticsHARNESS WIRING SK6/MRC 133181-1call for stock
133186-1RoboticsREDUCER RV L/U-AXIS SK16/MRC 40E 153:1call for stock
133187-3RoboticsA.C. SERVO MOTOR R/B/T- AXIS - old p/n for stock
133290-1RoboticsMrc Teach Pendant Cable 8mcall for stock
133290-2RoboticsTEACH PENDANT CABLE 12Mcall for stock
133290-3RoboticsTEACH PENDANT CABLE 16Mcall for stock
133290-4RoboticsTEACH PENDANT 20Mcall for stock
133388-1RoboticsYasnac MRC Controllercall for stock
133400-1RoboticsYasnac MRC Controllercall for stock
133441-2RoboticsBackshell, Straightcall for stock
133441-4RoboticsMotoman Backshell, Straight, Shell, W/O Clamp, for stock
133552-1RoboticsYasnac MRC Controllercall for stock
133605-2RoboticsSK120/150 Controllercall for stock
133676-5RoboticsYasnac MRC Controllercall for stock
133677-1RoboticsMotoman MRC Controllercall for stock
133677-5RoboticsArcWorld 6200call for stock

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