MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron parts for product lines including V1000, V1000-4X, J1000, L1000A, MV1000, VS Mini, A1000, MagneTek G5 GPD 515, MagneTek G7, Omron P7, MagneTek P5 GPD 503 505 506 and CIMR-F7U drives, AC7 Matrix Converters, Mechatrolink-II Servo Amplifiers, Sigma 2 and 5, and SERVOPACK.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
SGDG-01GTSigma SeriesSERVO AMPLIFIER 2AMP 90/253VAC 3PH1 in stock
HW9280738-BRoboticsSpeed Reducer U-Axis (149694-1)call for stock
SGMG-03A2ABSigma 5 DrivesG SERIES MOTOR 300W INCREMENTALcall for stock
JANCD-MMM02-2ERoboticsMemory Board for System Control (132142-2)call for stock
HW9371069-ARoboticsLimit Switch Assy. (142148-1)call for stock
HW0382277-ARoboticsMotoman HW0382277-A is a robotic R-Axis Speed for stock
HW9271393-5Robotics3BC 5M (144307-1)call for stock
GPD515C-B080GPD 515 DrivesAC Drive, 60HP 460Vcall for stock
SGDC-05AJASigma SeriesYaskawa SGDC-05AJA: SERVO DRIVE 0.5KW 200VACcall for stock
JANCD-RY07RoboticsControl Boardcall for stock
HW8380950-1RoboticsK30 GEAR T-AXIScall for stock
SGDA-CAP1Sigma 1 DrivesYaskawa Sigma-series Servopack Printed Circuit for stock
JZNCU-MRK12-1ENRoboticsMRC CPU w/ Power Supply - obsolete with no for stock
SGMGH-13DCA6HSigma 2 DrivesYaskawa SGMGH-13DCA6H | 400V Yaskawa Motorcall for stock
HW0273068-4RoboticsMotoman Manipulator Cable for Small, 6-Axis Robot for stock
SGMAV-04ADA61Sigma 5 DrivesS5 MTR 400W 200V INC KY TPcall for stock
JANCD-SP23RoboticsYaskawa JANCD-SP23: I/O BOARD PANEL 120call for stock
P7 Drives Cross ReferenceTroubleshootingYaskawa P7 Drives Cross Referencecall for stock
HW0170471-ARoboticsMotoman Main Wiring Harness, Part Number for stock
JANCD-IOO4CRoboticsBoard PCB (DF8203751)call for stock
HW9381717-ARoboticsUP20 AC SERVO MOTOR L-AXIS WITH BRAKEcall for stock
SGMGH-44ACA61Sigma 2 DrivesYaskawa Sigma 2 (?-II Series) Three-phase - 32.8A, for stock
GPD515C-B011GPD 515 DrivesAC Drive, 7.5HP 460Vcall for stock
JANCD-TU05RoboticsERC CONTACTOR (479350-1)call for stock
SGMAV-06ADA61Sigma 5 DrivesS5 MTR 550W 200V INC KY TPcall for stock