MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron parts for product lines including V1000, V1000-4X, J1000, L1000A, MV1000, VS Mini, A1000, MagneTek G5 GPD 515, MagneTek G7, Omron P7, MagneTek P5 GPD 503 505 506 and CIMR-F7U drives, AC7 Matrix Converters, Mechatrolink-II Servo Amplifiers, Sigma 2 and 5, and SERVOPACK.

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AC Servopak Amplifier

3 in stock
142133-2RoboticsConverter, Servo Pack (JUSP-ACP25JAA)call for stock
143132-1RoboticsTEACH PENDANT HAND STRAPcall for stock
143014-1RoboticsCross Roller Bearingcall for stock
142958-2RoboticsCable,Manip,2bc,10m,Xrc2001,Up130/Up165/Up200,Nascall for stock
142955-3NRoboticsCABLE,MANIP,1BC,10M,NAS,UP6/SK16X/SK45X/UP130/ for stock
142836-1RoboticsMotoman AC Servo, 7.5KW, SIGMA II, S/L/U Axis, for stock
142474-1RoboticsVizual DCI PC Softwarecall for stock
142313-4RoboticsXRC TEACH PENDANT CABLE 12METER (CBL-XR005-5)call for stock
142227-1RoboticsTiming Belt B-Axiscall for stock
142180-1RoboticsMotoman Amplifier Servo, S/U-Axis, Part Number for stock
142138-1RoboticsREDUCER RV U-AXIS UP130 320E 171:1call for stock
YKS-010ERoboticsOverlay, Dx100, General Purpose Coordinate ( for stock
139483-1RoboticsMinc MRC Controllercall for stock
142100-1RoboticsXRC Controllercall for stock
HW9380984-A-986-ARoboticsGear Set T Axis - Spiral Set Double (137516-1)call for stock
141437-1RoboticsMinc MRC Controllercall for stock
HW8381459-A-460-ARoboticsGear, B/T Axis (130005-3)call for stock
141114-1RoboticsCABLE,GROUNDING,ERC,K50Scall for stock
A20B-0007-0360-03AAutomationFANUC PCB DC SERVOcall for stock
140386-1RoboticsKobelco wirefeedercall for stock
YWE-WF310-0RoboticsWire Feedercall for stock
140122-1RoboticsGEAR,PINION,STRAIGHT TOOTH L/U-AXIS,SK45/MRC for stock
YR-SK16-C000RoboticsSUPER ROBOTcall for stock
143147-1RoboticsSpring, Compression, Deadman SW (DF9402482)call for stock