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Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron CIMR-F7U Drives

CIMR-F7U Drives

The Yaskawa F7 series features pulse width modulated drives that are typically used in applications such as fans, blowers, conveyors, and metal tooling machines. Models for this series are available with outputs of 1/2 - 500 hp, and inputs of 208V / 240V / 230V / 480V. This series uses the DriveWizard software to simplify installation and first time set up. Systems are equipped with LCD keypads to visualize operations and display parameters. Models available with NEMA 1 or protected chassis enclosures. 

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CIMR-F7U Drives Description Stock Level
CIMR-F7U20111240V 46.2 Amp 15 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U20151240V 59.4 Amp 20 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U2018Yaskawa CIMR-F7U2018: DRIVE 25HP 240VAC 71.4 AMPS HEAVY DUTYCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U20221240V 88 Amp 30 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U20450230V 192 Amp 75 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U20550230V 215 AmpCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U20P41240V 3.6 Amp 0.5/0.75 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U21P5Yaskawa CIMR-F7U21P5: DRIVE 2HP 7AMP 240VACCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U25P51240V 23 Amp 7.5 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U27P5Yaskawa CIMR-F7U27P5: DRIVE 10HP 31AMP 200-240VAC 3PHASE1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-F7U27P51240V 31 Amp 10 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4011Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4011: DRIVE 15HP 24AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASE VARISPEEDCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U40111480V 27 Amp 15 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4015Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4015: DRIVE 20HP 30AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASE VARISPEED1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-F7U4018Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4018: DRIVE 25HP 30KVA 39AMP 3PHASE 0-480VAC 0-400HZCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U40181480V 40 Amp 30 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4022Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4022: DRIVE 30HP 22.4KW 45AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4030Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4030: DRIVE 40HP 29.8KW 60AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-F7U40301480V 67.2 Amp 40 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4037Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4037: DRIVE 50HP 37.3KW 75AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4045Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4045: DRIVE 60HP 44.7KW 91AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-F7U40451480V 96 Amp 75 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4055Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4055: DRIVE AC 112AMP 75HP 480V VARISPEEDCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4075Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4075: DRIVE 100HP 150AMP 3PHASE 0-480VAC 0-400HZCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U4090Yaskawa CIMR-F7U4090: DRIVE 150HP 180AMP 480V F7Call For Stock
CIMR-F7U40P4Yaskawa CIMR-F7U40P4: DRIVE VARISPEED F7 3PH AC 50/60HZ 480VCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U41600480V 304 Amp 250 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U41P5Yaskawa CIMR-F7U41P5: DRIVE VARISPEED 3PH 3.7AMP 0-480VAC 0-400HZ 2.8KVACall For Stock
CIMR-F7U41P51480V 3.7 Amp 2 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U42P2Yaskawa CIMR-F7U42P2: DRIVE 3HP 380-480VAC 3PHASE3 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-F7U42P21480V 5.3 Amp 3 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U43P7Yaskawa CIMR-F7U43P7: DRIVE 5HP 380-480VAC 3PHASE1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-F7U44P0Yaskawa CIMR-F7U44P0: DRIVE 10HP 460VAC 17AMPS HEAVY DUTYCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U45P5Yaskawa CIMR-F7U45P5: DRIVE 7.5HP 15AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASE VARISPEED1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-F7U45P51480V 12.5 Amp 7.5 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-F7U47P5Yaskawa CIMR-F7U47P5: DRIVE 10HP 3PH 0-480VAC 0-400HZ HD:17A 13KVACall For Stock
CIMR-F7U47P51480V 17 Amp 10 HPCall For Stock
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