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Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron V1000 Drives

V1000 Drives

The Yaskawa V1000 class of vector drives focuses getting the most bang for your buck. These drives are up to 30% smaller than competitors models and still have the most consistent power output and reliability. With a degree of protection of IP 20, the V1000 series of Yaskawa drives can run between 1/8 - 25 HP, at either 200-240V(1 phase), 200-240V(3 phase), and 380-480V(3 phase). Similar software, such as DriveWorksEZ and DriveWizard, are used in many Yaskawa drives which makes setup and troubleshooting easier on the user. Some more features of V1000 drives include:
  • Removable terminal block
  • Open loop current vector control
  • On-line tuning
  • Modbus communication
MRO Electric and Supply offers repair services as well as an exchange program for Schneider Electric, Yaskawa, Siemens, and all other manufacturers listed on our website. All repairs include a 12 month warranty for your satisfaction.

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V1000 Drives Description Stock Level
CIMR-VU2A0001FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0001FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU2A0002FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0002FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU2A0004FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0004FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VU2A0006FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0006FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VU2A0010FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0010FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU2A0012FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0012FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VU2A0020FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0020FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU2A0030FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0030FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU2A0040FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0040FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VU2A0056FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0056FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU2A0069FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU2A0069FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0001FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0001FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0002FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0002FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VU4A0004FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0004FAA | V1000 Drive3 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VU4A0005FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0005FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0007FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0007FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0009FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0009FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0011FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0011FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0018FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0018FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0023FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0023FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0031FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0031FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VU4A0038FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VU4A0038FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VUBA0001FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VUBA0001FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VUBA0002FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VUBA0002FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VUBA0003FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VUBA0003FAA | V1000 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-VUBA0006FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VUBA0006FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VUBA0010FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VUBA0010FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VUBA0012FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VUBA0012FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-VUBA0018FAAYaskawa | CIMR-VUBA0018FAA | V1000 Drive1 In Stock
Ships Today
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